Okaya solar battery

About Brand

Okaya power is a family brand of Microtek. It is among top 3 solar battery brands in India with headquartered in Delhi, Apart from solar battery, okaya also manufactures and markets Inverter, Car, UPS and e-rickshaw battery.

Product Range

In Solar batteries, the range starts from 20 Ah and goes up to 200 Ah, All the batteries made are C10 battery, It means, it is designed to be charged during the day from solar power and during the night, it will be discharged.


All the solar batteries manufactured by okaya starting form 20 Ah comes with 5 years replacement warranty except 200 Ah battery, The warranty of 200 Ah battery is 3 years.

Solar battery prices


Capacity (AH)



Selling price

ST 020S

20 AH

5 years



ST 040S

40 AH

5 years



ST 075S

75 AH

5 years



ST 100S

100 AH

5 years



ST 120S

120 AH

5 years



ST 150S

150 AH

5 years



ST 200H

200 AH

3 years




Service support

Okaya being the family group company of Microtek, It’s service support are awesome, This is one of the organization whose service are excellent in the industry, In case, there is any issue related to backup, fault, log a complaint to okaya customer care @ 011- 4980 33 00.

Advantage of solar battery

Normal Battery

Solar battery

Life expectancy:  3-5 years

8- 10 years

Replacement warranty – up to 3 years

5 years

C20 rated capacity

C 10 rated – Discharged in 10 hours

Affordable price

High price

Backup time: 3- 5 hours

20% more backup


Frequently asked questions

Q. what is the backup time of battery?

Answer: The backup time of battery is derived by Battery Capacity and Battery voltage.

So, if you buy 150 Ah (ampere hour) battery – it is a 12 V battery,


Voltage (v) * Current (I) = Power (watts)

12 V * 150 Ah = 1800 watts, considering 20% is loss during charging and discharging

Use able power = 1800 watts – 20% loss = 1440 watt 


100 Watt

200 Watt

300 watt

400 watt

500 watt

150 Ah

14.4 hours 

7.2 hours 

4.8 hours 

3.6 hours 

 2.8 hours


Standard formula:

Backup time = Battery AH * 12 V * efficiency of battery / Power consumption in watts


Battery Ah = Ampere hour (capacity of battery measured in AH)

Efficiency of battery = generally it is 80%


I have 60 Ampere hour (Ah) battery, my load is 150 watt, what will be the backup time?

Backup time: (60Ah * 12V * 0.8 efficiency) / 150 watt = 3.84 hours


Q. What to do when battery stops giving backup?

Answer: The solar batteries comes with replacement warranty, so if your battery stops giving desired backup during the warranty period, you can get it replaced with manufacturer.

The rule is, your battery must give less than 60 minutes of backup during the warranty period.

In case, warranty period is over, you can sell your old batteries to authorized re-seller or the company from where you are buying new batteries.

The buyback price of old batteries depends upon recyclable lead content inside the battery. It is measured in Kg after removing the electrolyte,

As on May 2017, the lead price per kg is ₹ 90


20 Ah

40 Ah

75 Ah

100 Ah

120 Ah

150 Ah

200 Ah

Dry Weight

9 kg

15 kg

17 kg

27 kg

29 kg

31 kg

42 kg

Exchange price

₹ 810

₹ 1350

₹ 1530

₹ 2430

₹ 2610

₹ 2790

₹ 3780

Standard formula:

Battery buy back price = Dry weight of the battery * Lead price per kg


I have 100 Ampere hour (Ah) battery, how much exchange value will be given by dealer?

Buyback price: 100Ah (battery capacity)* 27 kg (dry weight) * ₹ 90 (lead price per kg) = ₹ 2430


Q. How to increase battery life – Maintenance tips

answer : to increase life spam of battery, follow the manufacturer guidelines. Important battery maintenance tips are as follows: 

    • Do water top-up once in every three months
    • Clean battery terminals regularly using warm water
    • Keep battery in open area. Do not keep in closed room

    Q. How to charge battery from solar panel and how to calculate battery backup time

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