Luminous 1 kw off grid solar system for homes, with 8-10 Hours Backup

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Product summary

Luminous 1 kw solar system is designed to give power supply for 8-10 hours to 3-4 BHK homes in India having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply. It generates a power of 5000 watts during the day using sun power. 

If you are living in a city or at place where electricity is available but power cuts are frequent and long, This Solar system helps you to run all your power equipment directly from sun, It occupies 100 sqft. space in installation.



Main Products

Inverter - 1800 VA (1 nos.)

Battery -  150 Ah (2 nos.)

Solar Panels - 1050 Watt (350 watt * 3 nos.)

Running load

Up to 1200 watts of power with combination of - 5 Ceiling Fans, 20 Led lights, 2 Television, 1 refrigerator, 1 mixer  and Laptop/Mobile Charging 


Government of India does not offer any subsidy on off grid solar systems.

Backup time*


500 W

400 W

300 W

200 W

100 W


4 hrs 20 mint

6 hrs

9 hrs

15 hrs

36 hrs


Technical Details

inverter model

NXG 1800

inverter capacity

1800 VA


Inverter - 97%, Module >16%

module type


battery included


standard installation included


installation cost



Download the engineering diagram to install this solar system.


Ask a Question
  • Sir Kya emi par uplabdh he On gird pe 1 kw watt

    yes sir.

  • Charge controller not required?

    no need of charge controller

  • What is the procedure for EMI

    sir EMI available up to 3000/-.

  • Emi

    Yes sir EMI option is available.

  • Can we use 4 Nos. 350W PV modules for. 1 KW system ?

    Yes sir  you can use.

  • How many PV modules needed for 1KW?

    3 or 4 350 watt panel.

  • Emi option is there ?

    Dear Sir,

    Yes Sir EMI option is availbe.

  • My use will be in office , during day time, Can I reduce one battery, I need very little power during the night.

    Dear Sir,

    With this combo inverter capacity is 24volt. 2 battery needed with this inverter. 
    If you have less use off electricity then you can purchase below item with one battery.

  • which charge controler MPPT/PWM you provide with your system.?

    Sir this system comes luminous with NXG 1800 PWM inverter.

  • Dear sir I have 3fan and 6led tube light 1 refregerater. Pls tell contact person. And cost of the system

    It is recommended you install a minimum 1 kW system to run your appliances.

  • I have 2 fan, 1 led tv, 1 refrigerator, 1 laptop, 4 mobile charging points what's your opinion regarding watt consuming?

    Yes sir, you can install 1 kw off grid.

  • Does the one kw solar system come with stands for solar panels. If not how much extra will it cost.

    Yes, sir, it comes with a stand and including with installation.

  • Hello sir I have 1kw solar off grid system used in a night in 6 hours My load is 3 celling fan 3 led tube 18 watt 4 invertor led lamp 9 watt 0.5hp motor 1 free 168 liter led tv 1nos

    Sir, if you already have then write your concern and if you want to buy then this is enough for your requirments.

  • i have 3 fan 1 referigerator 7 led bulb 1 led tv 1 washing machine. And already 1 battery 150ah+ inverter So please tell which product sutiable for me

    It is recommended to you buy a 1kW loom solar system.

  • I have ac invertor can it converted to solar invertor with solar panels

    You can convert it with using sharge controller. With the help of charge controller you convert it to solar inverter.

  • Ihave 4 fan, 6 LED bulb, 1hp water pump, 1 LED TV 52 inch with set top box please give me the 1. Solar Panel needed,+ Battery and other equipments and cost and agency at Cuttack Odisha.

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly contact to our help desk. 

    Call / what’s app for product purchase - 8750 77 88 00  For business inquiry, To become dealer, distributor : Call 011-4013 0202. 

  • Pl. show component wise cost with installation accessories of 1kw luminous off grid solar system

    Dear Sir,

    Kindly conatact with our help desk. 
    Call / what’s app for product purchase - 8750 77 88 00 

  • It can support Electric Water Heater and 1 ton Ac??

    1 Kw off grid solar system, van not support 1 ton AC or Water Heater

  • Is installation cost ₹15,000 included in Rs 95000 ?

    yes sir, this is included in 95000/-

  • I have fridge, washing mechanism. Pump 3 fans and 10 20 watts led lamps please inform me required capacity of solar panel, inverter and batteries

    2 kw off grid you can install.

  • I want to run 3 fans 4 lights and refrigerator continuously and washing machine ones in a day what would you prefer.

    1 kw off grid is enough.

  • Sir I have a farm & there is no electricity & I want to use 2 to 4 led bulbs & 4 fans so which solar panel is suitable for me & what's price I want price of total panel, battery & installation charges

    This combo is  enough for yoir requirment.

  • Sir I have 15 led bulb 9v, 5 celling fan, 1 TV, 1 mixe, Which solar system please suggested

    1 kw is enough for you sir

  • Sir, I need 4 350 watt Panel, 2 Battery 150 AH & One 3 KVA inverter, what will be the cost of product & installation charges

    Call / what’s app for product purchase - 8750 77 88 00 

  • I want to run an off grid pond aeration pump 0.5 hp with solar energy only during day time without battery back up Pl advise what items should I purchase regards Ravindrababu

    Off grid can run without battery.

  • I want to install 15 lights for society outer road. How much I have to spend? Please guide.

    Dear Sir,

    Below mentioned link product you can install for each light

  • I have 3 fans ,265 lit 1 refrigerator, 8 bulbs., 1 mixer, 1 TV.

    1 kw is enough for those items.

  • I need to use 1 ton AC and 5 lights, 1 fridge can be work 1 K V system

    no sir 1 kv off grid is not run 1 ton Ac. You need maximum 2 or 3 kw

  • Sir I have Ac.75ton 4led(15watt)2fan washing machine 1ledtv refrigerator tell me power of solargrid and price

    can you please confirm again Ac capacity.

  • I have 1 laptop, 1 fans, 2 LED bulbs. Please suggest me the recruitments with cost. Thank you.

    Call / what’s app for product purchase - 8750 77 88 00 

  • Hi, Dear I have 2 fans, 1 refrigerator, 3 led bulb 9wt, 1 TV,1 setup box, 2 tube lights,1 exhaust fan, 1 room cooler. Need backup around 8 to 10 hrs(have any possibility of 24 hrs. ?) Please confirm below mentioned points : 1. How much it will cost me? 2. Space to be used for the installation? 3. How much time it's take to recharge, whether electricity charging and consumption both can happen simultaneously ? 4. What is life of the solar panels, inverter and battery ? 5. When I need to take regular maintenance of solar system ? 6. How to increase load when required ?

    Call / what’s app for product purchase - 8750 77 88 00 

  • How many years warranty and how many years life time in these products?

    25 years of panel and 5 to 7 years of inverter battery.

  • this pannel are mono/poly


  • In my home 1 ton ac, 4fans, 1 refrigerator, 1 ro, 1 washing machine 1 mixy, 1 hp motor pump, 1 LED TV, 8 led bulbs please give me suggestions of solar system

    Sir 6 kw solar off grid you can install according your requirmnets.

  • in case if the sunlight is not available,will Luminous 1 kw off grid solar system charge the battery even with electricity or not ?

    Dear sir,

    Yes it will charge battery with electricity if sunlight is not availble.

  • Can i use 7 led bulb , 5 celling fan and 1.5hpwaterr pump Its better for me

    atlesat 3 kw you have install if you want to run pump as well.

  • I need Inverter 1800VA , Battery 200Ah 2nos, Solar panels 1050 watts (350x3) and the other accessories mentioned in 1kva off grid solar system for homes with 8-10 hour backup costing ₹95000/-

    Call / what’s app for product purchase - 8750 77 88 00 

  • I want to install a grid solar system for my house where we have solar induction stove , 3 fans, 1 refrigerator and 8 led lights. Pls recommend which one best for me, can we use this system for air-conditioning

    Yes sir 1 kw on grid sysytem is meet your expectations.

  • Totel amount 35000

    1 kw off grid system is 95,000/-

  • I have 3 fan ,3 CFL, 2 AC , and 1 led TV can you suggest which kind is suitable for my Home

    5 to 7 kw can install. 

    Call / what’s app for product purchase - 8750 77 88 00 

  • Dear Sir I have 2 No's Fan and 2 Tubes lights and 1 TV Please guide me the power of solar gird and cost

    Kindly check this link for price.

  • mo 9879455096 call me for advise how to apply

    Please Call / what’s app for product purchase - 8750 77 88 00 

  • 1 190 Ltr refrigerator Godredge, 2 ceiling fan , 10 9 Watt led lamp

    1 kw is better.

  • I have 3 fan 1 refrigerator 10 led blub 1 washing machine 1 led tv . Please guide me the power of solar gird and cost

    Dear Sir, Thanks for your query, you can check this product of luminous brand, it will cost you rs. 39,500. you will get below products: 1. Solar NXG 1100 Inverter, Qty 1 2. Solar 150ah Tubular Battery, Qty 1 3. Solar Panel 160 watt, Qty 2 4. + Installations and free of cost delivery.

  • I Have 2 Celling Fan... 1 Tube Light.. 1 Led Bulb...168 ltr refrigerator...Flat TV... 1.5 ton AC & Daily 1 Hour i used 0.5 hp Water pump. ac daily one hour used & refrigeratore 24 hours used but 0 cooling power.

    If you are looking for solar system with power backup, We recommend you buying these two solar systems 1) for all your lighting load including fans, T.V. Refrigrator and0.5 hp motor, - Buy 1 kW solar system , 2) if, you wish to run 1.5 ton A.C. - Buy 5 kW solar system

  • does this system includes Mounting structures for solar panels and is the transport included in this price?

    Loom solar provides end to end solution in solar system, 1 kW solar system comes with standard installation which includes mounting structures, Cable and connectors, and commissioning of solar system.

  • What is included in installation cost like panels angle etc or not Because installation cost is too much

    The installation cost includes everything such as mounting structures, DC wires, connectors etc. 

  • Hello, I have two a/c units, 12000 b t u, two refrigerator, one TV, a dryer, and ten bulbs

    If you have 2 air conditioner with other home appliances such as Refrigrator, TV, Dryer, bulbs etc, You should install at least 5 kw on grid solar system.  

  • I am receiving bills of 750 KWH every 45 days during summer, I want to change it to solar one to save on the bill. what system would I need to save on entire bill.

    To save electricity bill of 750 Kwh (units), You need to have 5 kw on grid solar system, After instllating it, your monthly electricity bill will reduce to Zero. 

  • 1kw से 1hp water pump से कुआँ से पानी ंंनिकलेगा किया

    1 hp motor consumes regular power of 750 watt and starting power is almost double, you need atleast 2 kw solar system to run sumersible pump. 

  • kindly suggest solar system for running 1 refrigerator , 1 television , 2 fan in a day time and at night 4 18V led extra.

    Refrigrator consumes around 250 watts of power, You must need to have 1 kw solar system with 1000 watts of solar panel to run the system during the day and night. 

  • I need power backup for 4 nos. led bulb 9 watt each, 2 fans for 8 hrs back up daily with solar & electricity charging system

    1 kw solar system is best fit for 8 hours backup for led lights, fan. Since, it is a hybrid system, it charged fro solar and electricity both. The price is Rs. 1,03,000

  • Will It be delivered to PIN- 700118? & will the installation done from your end if I pay the installation charges?

    In solar sytem, loom solar provides delivery and installaton both across India including your PIN Code of 700118, Kolktata , If you order online and pay for installation, we will get intallation done within 3 days from date of delivery of the product. 

  • At presnt i have 1450 va inverter,150 watt*3 solar panel,220 ah battery. What required to run a submersible pump

    if you have submersible pump of 0.5 hp, it will run on 1500 VA inverter, to run more 1 hp submersible pump, you need to install a 2kw off grid solar system. 

  • 4celling fan 4 light 1tv chalane ka solor system price tell me plese

    For running 4 ceiling fans, 4 lights and 1 Television, you need to buy 1 kw solar system, there are two variants available in 1 kw solar system 1) with 300 watts panel and 2) with 1 kw solar panel. Selection of solar panel is a matter of how much budget you want to invest in solar system. 

  • 1 kw solar system is the best selection for running refrigrator, 4-5 lights, 2 tv and 3 fan at a time and how much backup give me

    The backup time of solar system depends upon power consumption. In 1 kw solar system, if you use 300 watts power continiously, the baackup time will be 9 hours. Similarly, if you use 400 watts of power, it will give backup of 6 hours. 

  • hasmukh panchal Our requirement is 6 KW with Batteries for domestic purpose. I have batteries with inverter. How much power I need to run a refrigerator, ice cream cooling machine .15 LED lights , 2 TV & 3 fan . . at a time 1.5 ton Ac. .2.pc.with AC and without AC can you suggest how much capacity of Solar System (including panel,inverter,batteries )

    Air-conditioner consumes higest power in home upto 1500 watts every hour, That's a reason running 1.5 ton or 2 ton Air-conditioner is not recommended on off grid solar inverter. 5-6 kw off grid solar system is a heavy duty solar system for shops and office, it can run all lighting, fan, Television, CC Tv Camera, Refrigrator etc. on Inverter. the cost of 5 kw off grid solar system with inverter, batteries, panel is Rs. 5.15 lacs. 

  • How much power I need to run a refrigerator, 4-5 lights , 2 TV & 3 fan at a time

    1 kw solar system is the best selection for running refrigrator, 4-5 lights, 2 tv and 3 fan at a time. 

  • MY requirement 5kw complete set of solar systems for my home. What is the cost & process..

    The cost of the 5 KW off grid system will be 515,000 incl all. The process of placing the order is online.

  • If I want to run a ac of one ton how much power I needed

    Air conditiones takes upto 1000 watts of running load, To run Air-conditioner, it is must to have atleast 3 KVA off grid solar system. 

  • My requirement is 3 KW without Batteries for domestic purpose. I have batteries with inverter.

    for your quire i will request you to call us at 8750778800 our solar expert will help you.

  • Hello sir.. i have 14 ceiling fan .. around 20 bulbs led ..2 coolers .. 1 refrigerator.. 1 a.c .. tv ..pc .. submersible motor and other things in kitchen ... So which system should i buy .. no problem for place to setup on roof

    We are delighted that you have choosen to opt for solar system, looking at your power consumption, you should buy 10 kw solar system with backup. 

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Vishnu B.
India India

1kw loom solar system

System functioning very nice but custromer support very bad. Asper the shopping installation free but i wait for 1 month then i install myself

R C.
India India


It's working very fine and we are happy with the product and the service extended by the personnel.


3 calling fan 5 led refrigerator R.O machine t.v



1.5 tone four ac and 3 hp pump moter required solar system how many price please give me answer.

1.5 tone four ac and 3 hp pump moter required solar system how many price please give me answer.

P S.

voltage output is more than 40 is as you marked is satisfied

products are seems to be worth

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