Microtek PWM Solar Charge Controller SMU 60 Amps 12V

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Product summary

Microtek’s solar management unit is best suited for low-power applications. It is used to charge battery from solar panels. The micro-controller in Microtek Solar Management Unit, senses the battery full-charge voltage and it cuts off the battery from charging, when it reached full charge status. It reconnects the battery if the battery charge drops to a preset level

If you normal inverter and battery at home and you want to upgrade for solar so with this controller you can convert your normal inverter to solar inverter and you can connect it with solar panel.





Mtek 6012 SMU

System voltage

12 Volt

Charging capacity

60 amps



Max. Solar Panel Capacity

720 Wp

Max. recommended panel open circuit Voltage (VOC)

22 V

Recommended battery Ah

upto 400 Ah

Peak Charger efficiency



Led Indications

  • Solar Charging
  • Panel Reverse polarity
  • Battery reverse polarity
  • Output On


Ask a Question
  • During day time does the mains is cut off and appliances run through solar power??

    Microtek solar charge controller's use is to charge battery. It will not cut ofg grid electricity to run on solar power because, it is just a solar charge controller. You should buy upgraded version of solar charge controller called solar Retrofit which charges the battery and in case of access power generation feeds to load. 

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