Microtek solar systems

Microtek 2 kw off grid solar system for home - Loom Solar Save 45%

Microtek 2 kw off grid solar system for home

5 Years Warranty

Rs. 255,000
Rs. 140,000

Product summary Microtek 2 kw solar system is designed to provide electricity in day from solar panels and at night from solar batteries. If you ar...

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Rs. 255,000
Rs. 140,000
Save 45%

Solar Energy

Solar energy is such a vast energy resource that it can be used for any of our everyday needs, including electrical power, heating and cooling, water heating, industrial process heat, cooking, transportation, fuel production and even environmental clean-up.

Microtek Solar - The future of solar energy is bright

Microtek’s Solar energy range provides access to this free source of solar energy which is green, reliable, and pollution free. The Solar Offering range includes Solar UPS, Solar Panels, Solar PCU, Solar Bi-directional Grid Tied PCU.

What are the main types of Microtek solar energy products?

Loomsolar offering a wide range of Microtek solar energy products in India for home, office, shop, hospitals and other commercial spaces. 


Robust power systems for remote homes and cabins. Off-Grid power is ideal for remote areas, undeveloped land, and anyone without access to utility power.

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How much will your Microtek solar energy cost? 

Let's check out the best solar energy products in India in 2019.


Off-grid solar system Price (all inclusive)
1 kW ₹ 1000,00
2 kW ₹ 210,000


How does solar system work?

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