Microtek Solar Inverters

Microtek hybrid on grid solar inverter msun 3 kva Save 28%

Microtek hybrid on grid solar inverter msun 3 kva

2 Years Warranty

Rs. 125,000
Rs. 90,000

Product summary Microtek msun solar 3 kva /48V is an on grid hybrid solar system with backup and and grid-tie functionality. It is a mppt technolog...

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Rs. 125,000
Rs. 90,000
Save 28%

About Brand

Microtek is the leader in making Inverters for home, it also manufacturers’ online ups, stabilizers, solar products such as solar inverters, solar charge controller etc. The service support of Microtek brand is awesome, in case of any product fault, they send engineers to customer’s home within 24 hours. The service helpline of Microtek brand is 1800-102-447

Microtek Solar Inverters

Microtek has designed solar inverters to utilize maximum sun power to generate electricity and keep home green. There are two types of solar inverter, 1) Hybrid solar inverter and 2) grid-tied solar inverter.


Hybrid solar inverters: these are also called off-grid solar inverters, it works with batteries to provide backup when there is no electricity and sunlight. The battery connected to the inverter is charged from solar panels and electricity with preference given to solar panels.  


Grid-tied solar inverters: these are also called on-grid solar inverters, there is no battery backup, it does load sharing with the utility grid, Hence, the battery is not connected in on-grid solar inverters, i.e. when, there is no electricity at home, the grid-tied solar inverter does not work.    


Technology trends

In solar inverters, there are two types of technology, PWM and MPPT, solar ups and inverters for low power needs are manufactured with PWM technology, In Microtek, inverters are made in both technologies, MPPT is the latest technology with higher power conversion efficiency and similarly, the price of MPPt based inverters are almost 2x of compared to an initial technology product.

Microtek solar inverter Price

As we understand, there are hybrid and on-grid solar inverters, here is the latest price list of Microtek hybrid solar inverters, the price range of hybrid inverters are between ₹ 6,600 - ₹ 35,000 based upon the capacity of inverter and the cost of per watt of Microtek off-grid solar inverters starts from ₹ 4.66 to ₹ 14.50 in India.

Microtek inverter model

selling price

per watt price

Microtek Solar Inverter 935 va, pwm

₹ 6,000

₹ 6.41

Microtek Solar Inverter 1135 va, pwm

₹ 6,700

₹ 5.90

Microtek Solar Inverter 1735 va, pwm

₹ 8,100

₹ 4.66

Microtek Solar Inverter 2035 va, pwm

₹ 9,600

₹ 4.71

Microtek Solar Inverter 1 kva, mppt

₹ 14,500

₹ 14.50

Microtek Solar Inverter 2 kva, mppt

₹ 28,000

₹ 14.00

Microtek Solar Inverter 3 kva, mppt

₹ 35,000

₹ 11.66


Here is the latest price list of Microtek's on-grid solar inverters. The price range of Microtek on-grid inverters are between ₹ 27,000 - ₹ 201,000 based upon the capacity of inverter ratings and the price of per watt of Microtek On-grid solar inverters starts from ₹ 10.05 to ₹ 27.00 in India.

Microtek inverter model

selling price

per watt price

Microtek 1 kW Solar Inverter 

₹ 27,000

₹ 27.00

Microtek 2 kW Solar Inverter

₹ 38,000

₹ 19.00

Microtek 3 kW Solar Inverter

₹ 48,500

₹ 16.16

Microtek 5 kW Solar Inverter

₹ 72,000

₹ 14.40

Microtek 11 kW Solar Inverter

₹ 130,000

₹ 11.81

Microtek 20 kW Solar Inverter

₹ 201,000

₹ 10.05


Inverter monitoring – Display

Microtek solar inverters are made with customer-friendly monitoring system, there are two kinds of display in inverters to monitor the functioning of solar inverters. 


Led display

  • utility grid available
  • solar charging
  • ups on
  • battery is low
  • overload
  • battery charging form electricity


Lcd display

  • battery voltage – charge level of battery
  • load % - power consumption as a % of total inverter power
  • output voltage
  • pv voltage – solar panel generating voltage
  • pv current – solar panel generating power in amps
  • grid voltage – utility grid voltage level
  • grid charging current – amp with which battery is being charged
  • electricity saved - kwh


Microtek solar inverters are made to perform last long, generally, Microtek solar inverters last for 15-20 years, and the product comes with 2 years on-site manufacturer warranty. in case of inverter fault, the customer can directly log a complaint at 1800-102-447.

Microtek Solar Inverters - Video

This video is made who is looking for power backup 4-6 hrs in their home and office but not sure which inverter to buy and which brand.



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