Luminous solar charge controller - 6 Amp, 12 volt

with 12 Months Warranty
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Product summary

Solar Charge Controller is required to convert Normal Inverter battery into solar Solutions. It is used to charge battery using solar panels. The other use of solar charge controller is to run DC load.

Luminous Charge Controllers are PWM based controllers with 98% efficiency. It has USB charging Option for mobile charging & dusk to dawn feature. It comes with Electronic & Software controlled protections. Maintenance Free. USB Mobile charger Output. 


Model Name

Solar Charge Controller 1206

Manufacturer warranty

12 months

Maximum Charging current

6 Amp


12 Volt 

Panel Support Up to 125 Watts



  • Fuse less electronic & software controlled protections
  • USB port for Mobile charging 
  • 98% efficiency
  • Option of SMF and lead acid battery selection
  • Load controller with LVD & dusk to dawn feature


  • PWM based technology
  • In built low voltage disconnect & 20% extra power than rated capacity
  • Supports up to 125 Watt panels on Single Battery (12V). 


Ask a Question
  • I have 12v 10 watt solar panel, can this charge 12v 7.2 ah battery.

    10 watt solar panel is good to charge 7.2 Ah battery. 

  • Can we use a 12v 3watt solar panel to charge a 12v 1.2ah battery with this solar charge controller?

    Certainly, 6 amps solar charge controller is helpful in charging 12 volt 1.2 ah battery from 12 volt 3 watts solar panel. Solar charge controller controlls the charging required to battery so that battery gets proper charged. 

  • I have 60 amp battery and 37 watt solar pannel show the solar charge controller work or not?

    37 watt solar panel generates upto 2.5 amps current, 6 amp solar charge controller is requried to charge 60 ah Battery from 37 watt solar panel. 

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