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Product Summary

Luminous Solar 320 watt off grid solar system is designed to give power supply for 4-5 hours to 2-3 BHK homes in India having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply. It is a Small Power plant which can run a Peak Load up to 650 Watts. 

If you are living in a City or  where Electricity is available and Power cuts are frequent, The Solar Combo helps you to save Electricity of almost 1.5 Units per day which is used in battery charging.

Main products 

Inverter - 1100 VA (1 nos.)

Battery -  150 Ah (1 nos.)

Solar Panels - 360 Watt (180 watt * 2 nos.)


Government of India does not offer any subsidy on off grid solar systems.

running load

Up to 650 watts of power with combination of - 2 Ceiling Fans, 10 Led lights, 1 Television + 1 Laptop/Mobile Charging

backup time*


500 W

400 W

300 W

200 W

100 W


2 hrs 10 mint

3 hrs

4 hrs 30 mints

7 hrs 30 mints

18 hrs 30 mint


Technical Details

inverter model

NXG 1100

inverter capacity

1100 VA


Inverter - 97%, Module >16%

module type


battery included


standard installation included


Installation package

Panel stand, 10 meter wire along with connectors, excluding fixing and wiring.


Download the engineering diagram to install this solar system. 

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Ask a Question
  • Namskar sir Kya bina battery ke solar panal ko inver par lagaya ja sakta hai or kya inveror kam karega Ya nahi

    If you want to convert your normal home inverter into solar inverter than you have to purchase a charge controller alongwith solar panels. If you use solar panel to charge your battery Without charge controller it can harm your battery.

  • Hello sir, i'am using camera and Dvr in the solor system, it operating 24 hours, and it consume 100w.... Which panel system is used for me

    please check below link. this is suitable to you

  • I have 5 fan 10 led tube 1 HP submersible pump and one refrigerator and mixer grinder works with 1kw off grid system

    No sir, 1Hp pump is not working

  • I have a Rhino charge +1465 invreter & 220ah tub.battery.How many solar panel need & What type of charge controller required for 400w load For 4 hr back up

    Sir, We recommed you 180 watt 3 panel and MPPT charge controller.

  • What Will be the cost of 1kw system and 1kw panel and its installation

    1 Kw watt will be 95000/- approx

  • Sir, 160×3+100=580 watt 12v . Luminous nxg 1400 12v. Luminous 150ah+80 ah 12v laga sakte hai

    Yes sir.

  • Dear sir Do you have any emi option

    Yes sir, we have EMi option as well.

  • Does this include the stand for the 2 panels?

    Dear Sir,

    Yes it is included.

  • I have 1500VA, 24V inverter, 150Ah x2 battery-12v. I have 5.5 KWh electricity consumption per day during summer. Please suggest size of solar plant for off-grid system.

    6 kw off grid system.

  • EMI availability

    Yes EMI is available.

  • Sir, 4 celing fan, 10 led, TV ke liye konsa best rhega

    1 kw off grid is enough sir.

  • This panel are mano or Poly type?

    Mono panels

  • 1) Can I get gst invoice bill for the purchase of off grid solar system. 2) what will be standard battery life

    yes sir you will get GST invoice. Battery life is 5 to 7 years.

  • 1 unit electricity mean how many watt

    1000 watt = 1 unit sir.

  • 1 hp motor 4 fan, chalana haI bas, to budget kitna ayega sir

    for i hp motor you have to install atleast 2kw off grid and cost is aprx 190000/-

  • Sir, 160 Watt ki solar panel, ak din mai kitani unit bijali banata hai..

    160 watt solar panel generates 8 amps current and during sunny day, it will generate 800 Watts power. 

  • I would like to buy Luminous 1 kva off grid solar system with 300 watts of panel for my home use. If the system is connected to the existing wiring line, Is this system use electrical power to charge the battery during night? Can i use direct solar power from this system to run my 43 inch Television and Audio System during day time? Is separate wiring is required for the purpose?

    1 kva off grid system with 300 watts panel connetcs with existing wiring line, That's why, During the day, inverter charges the battery from solar panel, at night, when battery is discharged, it charge from government electricity, In case, if you do not want to charge your battery from Electricity, Do not connect Inverter mainline wire (Black color) with your home socket. Since, Government electricity will not be provided via mains line, it will use only sun light, solar panel for charging the battery. 

  • 1100va luminous inverter 200 ah battery ya 500 to 600 w solar panel la sakte hai

    Luminous NXg 1100 supports upto 600 watt panel. for 200 Ah battery, 600 watt solar panel is recommended to charge it duing sun hours. 

  • Which type batteries used in solar system

    Loom solar provides solar tubular battery in all solar combos which comes with 3-5 years replacement warranty. 

  • Can i run a refrigerator and charge battery same time in 1kv solar sistem

    1 kva off grid inverter runs Refrigrator upto 280 liters. If power generation from solar is more than required to charge battery, It will supply to load to run Refrigrator, We would recommend if you install 600 Watt peak of solar panels, it will charge the battery and run the Refrigrator at same time. 

  • I have 1100va luminous inverter and 150ah battery as a standby power supply. Shall I use your 3no 160w solar panel as to convert it to solar charging and power supply. Also I want to install a 5kw on grid solar system. Pls advise.

    It is recommended to use 2-4 nos. of 160 watt panel with existing 150 AH battery and 1100 Va inverter. here is the proudct link of 5 kw on grid solar system. You can check details online such as product specifications, price, warranty etc. 

  • i want to install a off-grid solar plant for domestic use .does it use stored power in battery during daytime or directly from panels and battery power is used during night ? we have power cuts for 12-15 hrs , please recommend a package for house hold with two 1- tonne ac

    For 12-15 hours of power cut, off grid solar system is best choice, In batteries, power are stored, Generally, During the day, all the home appliances will be running on solar, at night, when power fails, Inverter will supply electricity from battery. for 12-15 hours of power cut, we recommend to buy 1 kw solar system with 1 kw solar panel. Air conditioners (A.C.) will not be running in less than 3 kw solar system. 

  • For a poultry form I need 12 , 100 watts bulb for throught out a day and 12 , 40 watts bulb for 12 hrs per day. So how much cost needed for installing solar system

    For commercial needs such as running solar on poultry form, there is  huge power requirement, you should buy 5 kw off grid solar system for running day and night power backup. 

  • Can i installed in home my electricity consumes 8 kw what is the price

    1 kva system wih 300 watts panel is small solar system, since, you are consuming 8 units a day, You need to buy 2 kw solar system, A 2 kw solar system saves 10 units of electricity every day. 

  • Price of 1kw of solar systems & 1000watts solar panel

    The price of Luminous 1 kw solar sytem with 1000 watts of solar panel is Rs. 1,03,000. Here is the link to chekc the proudct details

  • I have a luminous inverter & 150 battery. What cost ihave to spend on this & with fridge lodd

    I Assume, you have Luminous inverter with 1 nos. of 150 Ah battery. To convert the system in Solar, you need to add additionally  1) Solar convervision kit, Price - Rs. 2,800 and 2) 4 nos. of 160 watt solar panels, Price - Rs. 8,300 each. Please also note, on single battery inverter system, you will be able to run upto 160 liters of fridge. 

  • i want to run an induction cooker on solar so how much of solar power system do i need?

    Induction cooker / Induction cooktop is used to cook food in homes, the power consumption varies from 1800 watts to 2100 watts, it is a very high power consuming home appliance. If you want to run this, you need to buy 3 kw off grid solar system which will price at Rs. 3,15,000, In your city, if electricity outage does not happen frequenty, then you can opt for 3 kw on grid solar system, it is priced at Rs. 2,40,000. 

  • I want to fitting solar system for home and cutting my electricity so how much rupees it get and how many fans bulb tv cooler going

    The thumb rule for saving electricity is 4-5 times of solar capacity installed, If you install, 300 watt solar system, it will reduce your electricity consumption by 1200-1500 watts per day. How to know, which appliances i can run on solar, it is a factor of solar inverter that you will choose. 1 kva luminous off grid inverter will run a power consumption of 650 watts, a mix of fans, lights, television, mobile charging, etc. 

  • I want to run a 1.5 kw single phase submersible pump in a remote area. Currently using diesel generator set totally off grid. Kindly suggest appropriate product and contact details

    Solar is the alternative of Diesel generators due to clean and free source of energy. To run 1.5 kw single phase submersible pump, you need to buy 3 kw solar system, it will run lights, fans, Tv alogwith sumbersible pump. 

  • If i want to run off grid solar electricity despite avalability of grid energy,can i do so?

    The off grid solar system is hybrid in nature, i.e it can work when there is electricity and it can also work when there is no electricity, If your home is getting power but you want to disconnect them, just switch off the inverter mains input, the solar system will not use electricity. 

  • Sir mere pas 3 fans 3 led light one refrigerater 1 TV h m jyada time use karna chahta hu solar system

    In India, generally, people use 3- 4 fans, 5-6 lights, Refrigrator and a televison most of the time, if you wish to run all these appliances on solar. buy 1 kw solar system with 1000 watts of solar panel. 

  • Sir I have a duplex , I need 3 or 5 kWatt panel and all acceries totally complete how much cost? And kuch govt. Subsidy hey ta batayiye please...

    The solar system with 3 kw - 5 kw will cost between 3- 5 lacs, government is not offering any subsidy on solar systems now. 

  • Hello sir, I want to use ONLY a 1.5ton window ac for 6-8 hours daily with solar panel. So can i use it and get subsidy in my electricty bill as if i will use my window ac only with solar panel and if yes, then how much i have to spend for this? Kindly, reply on my e-mail id also. i.e,

    Governmnet of India and its staates have stopped giving subsidy on solar systems, for running 1.5 ton window Air-conditioner from solar panels, you need to buy 3 kw on grid solar system. 

  • I want purchase the solar set but I don't know about your dealer at my town. Please inform me in my WhatsApp number 9933776508 or call me in this number 7908361685.

    Loom solar provides you hassle free way of solar system purchase, You do not need to go anywhere, you just buy the solar online at it will get delivered to your home + it will also get installed, our delivery and installaton time is 3 days across India.  

  • Mai ac run karna chahta hoon solar panels se toh kitni solar panels chahiye padegi

    Air conditioner consumes huge power hence, any solar system of less than 3 kw is not recommended. here is the link to buy 3 kw solar system to run 1.5 ton inverter A.C. 

  • Can I run a ac

    Air conditioner consumes huge power hence, any solar system of less than 3 kw is not recommended. here is the link to buy 3 kw solar system to run  A.C from solar panels. 

  • Solar panel is brokable by hunt by bricks/stone

    The outer side of solar panel is covered with tempered galss, if somebody will try intentionsly to break it then solar panel glass will break with bricks and stone. 

  • Soler Ac kitne ghante chal sakti he?

    1 kw off grid solar system is not capable to run Air Conditioners (A.C.), If you wish to run Air conditioner, it is mandatory to buy 5 kw off grid solar system. it will run 1 air conditioner of 15 ton for 3- 4 hours.  

  • Where bajaj Emi options?

    Buying solar at is possible through Bajaj EMI Card. at present, you need to speak to Loom solar expert to make payment through Bajaj card. 

  • Sir what is the subsidy plan for domestic solar system

    There is no subsidy available on off grid solar system now. 

  • Sir mujhe 2 led tv, 2 cooler, 7 led bulbs, 4 selling fan, samersebal aur agar ek 1.5 tan ki voltas window acc chalani hai to kitne watt ka solar system lagwana padega aur kitni battery ek good backup ke liye aur ye sab kitne me ayega

    there are two ways to choose solar system, 1) powering up home without Power load such as fans, televsion, lights, Mobile, laptop, etc. and 2) with lighting load run power load such as Air conditioner, Samersibal pump, in point no.1, You need 1 kw off grid solar system, for point no. 2 you need 3 kw off grid solar system.

  • How much will cost if I want to run two window ac of 1.5 ton capacity and 3 fan 6 led lights and fridge and led tv.?

    If you wish to run air conditioner with led and fans, it is must to buy 3 kw solar system, the cost of 3 kw off grid system is Rs. 3,15,000

  • Sir I want to use this in poultry so I want info about this... I only use 6 100watts bulbs and 1 ceiling fan how much inverter I can use for this...

    The system comes with 1 KVA inverter, 150 Ah battery and 300 watt panel, it is sufficient enough to run 600 watt of bulb alongwith 1 ceiling fan. 

  • Can we run 1hp submersible pump on 1kw off grid.

    2 kw solar system is recommned to run power load of submersible pump, 1 kw solar system can not run a water and submersible pump. 

  • Sir give me solar power details can I use TV 5 Leds and cooler 2 fans give me how much cost with installation

    Your power consumption is almost 300 watt, a 1 kva solar system with 300 watts of panel is recommend solution for you, it will cost you Rs. 45,000 and the price is inclusive of taxes, delivery and installation. 

  • How can we operate it with existing power supply? Should we have separate solar supported fans ,light etc. In another case where there is already solar system with net metering how this off system will be integrated. These two are different places. Thanks and regards

    In India, There are two types of solar system 1) on grid and 2) off grid. if you have alrady installed net metering based solar system in  your home, then you need to understnad this, generally in houses, you wil find additional wire in each socket for running fans and lights on inverter or Solar powed inverter, just ask you electrician, he will get this installed. 

  • If I run four tight and two fans and a refrigerator then how much time that all will run?

    The backup time of battery depends upon running load, in your case the power consumtion is 400 watts, (fans- 70 watt each, Refrigrator - 250 watt). The backup time will be around 3 hours. 

  • Can we plug refrigerator on solor inverter

    Yes, you can connect a fridge with this solar system.

  • sir mene ise sirf 1.5 ton ac ke liye use krna hai kya ac chl skta hai

    No, You cant use a 1.5 ton ac with a 1 kva solar system.

  • I want to run only 3 fan, 3 Led tube, and one 1 TV .. How much inverter - battery with solar panel will cost ?

    you have choose right of 1 KVA off grid solar system with 300 watt product to run 3 fan, 3 led and 1 TV. the price of system is Rs. 45,000

  • i have a restaurant and want to run it on solar power.. need help..

    If you have a restaurant, Then you at least need a 5 kw ongrid system 

  • Waranty kitni he es ki sir Emi plane he kya esme

    Warranty of the system is 5 years full replacement And Emi through credit card and Bajaj EMI card.

  • Can I play summersable pump with this 300wtt

    With 300 watt system, you cant run a Submersible pump, To run a submersible pump you at least need a 1 kW system. For more details, you can connect with our solar experts at 8750778800.

  • 1kw home solar system me subsidy kit na parsent hai

    State government does not provide any subsidy on off-grid solar system. 

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Loom solar sales team and engineering team is not responding on time .totaly very bad experience with loom solar

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For small home its good

God production


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5Hp solar pump

Sir me 5 hp ka solar pump chalana chata hu to kitne kw ka solar aystem lagega

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