Luminous 3 kw on grid solar system

with 5 Years Warranty
Save 22%
Rs. 290,000
Rs. 225,000

Check COD Availability (upto Rs. 5,000)

Luminous presents on gird solar inverter to save electricity bills. It is a recommended solution for homes and offices where there is negligible power cut and electricity tariff is very high. 3 kw solar system generates 15 units electricity per day and saves ₹4,000 electricity bills in a month. It occupies 300 square feet rooftop space in installation.

  • 15 units generation per day
  • money back in 4.5 years with ₹4,000 electricity bill saving per month
  • price inclusive of Installation exclusive of net metering 

Main products 

Inverter - 3 kw

Solar Panels - 3 kWp (325 watt * 9 nos.)


Government does not provide any subsidy on installing solar on shops, offices, factories, commercial and industrial buildings. For homes, There is 40% subsidy for limited duration if purchased through impaneled channel partner.


Our Price includes the cost of installation. The following components are mandatory component as part of installation. 

a. Mounting structures

b. Bidirectional energy meter

c. Connecting cables and Accessories.  

Technical Details

inverter model

NXI 130

inverter capacity

3 kw


Inverter - 97%, Module >19%

module type


battery required


standard installation included


installation cost

₹15000 per kwp 


Ask a Question
  • How many air conditioner (1.5 ton) can used at a time

    In on grid solar system, there is no limitation of max. power use, You can use Air Conditioner as many as you want. i.e. If you have installed 3 kW solar system, you can run 2-3-4 Air conditioners. 

  • How many battery required?

    In on grid solar system, No batteries are connected, on grid solar system works during the day when sun light is available. 

  • What is on grid off grid system

    There are two types of solar system 1) on grid - it works during the day and that too when there is electricity, 2) off grid - it workd during the day and night too, It is supported by batteries for power backup when electricity fails. 

  • Is in Mangalore are your distributor and engineer available

    Loom Solar Associates and Distributors are available in Bangalore. At present, we don't have any distributor in Mangalore, Karnataka. 

  • Total life of the system at normal uses

    The life of solar system is expected to be 30 - 40 years. however, companies offer 25 years warranty. 

  • Does it work in rainy season

    Solar panels works 365 days, In rainy season and cloudy weather, the efficiency of solar panels goes down upto 50% depending upon bad weather condition. 

  • Is there subsidy in Uttar Pradesh for the 3kw plan on line,

    Government of India has stopped giving subsidy on solar energy systems. There is no subsidy available now. 

  • What is the size for 3 ke panels

    In 3 kw solar system, we will have 9 panels of 335 watt, 1 number of 335 panel occupies 20 sqft, hence in installing 3 kw solar panels, it will minimum occupy 180 sqft. 

  • I am living andhraPradesh guntur district can government give subsidy in my village

    Earlier, government used to give subsidy, at present, center and state does not give any sbusidy on solar system purchase. this is with effective from 1st April 2018. 

  • Can I operate 1.5 ton a.c and water motor

    Certainly, you can use 1.5 ton A.c. and water motor on 3 kw on grid solar system .

  • About warranty??????

    Luminous solar system with complete set comes with 5 years replacement warranty. 

  • I'm live in I can get subsidy from geda.???

    Subsidy on solar system is applicable only for on grid system which works duing the day, At present, There is Rs. 20,000 per kwp subsidy avaiable on buying on grid solar system. 

  • What happens in Rainey seasons the solar system works properly

    In rainy season this system will not work.

  • Maintance

    In this setup you don't need to any maintenance, the Solar system only needs cleaning of the panel that you need to do once in a month. For further details call to our solar expert at 8750778800 they will help you.

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Good & efficienct product,quality is excellent

This product is good it generates 15 units per day I am able to save 3800 on monthly bill. I would suggest go for this 3kva on grid & totally satisfied with Loom-Solar sales & support. All the best Loom-Solar

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