Luminous NXG 1100 off grid solar system with 160 watts panel for small shops, home

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Product summary

160 watt off grid solar system is designed to give power supply for small home and small shops in India having severe power cuts and unreliable electricity supply. It is a Small Power plant which can run a Peak Load up to 500 Watts.


If you are living in a city or at a place where electricity is available but power cuts are frequent, The Solar Combo helps you get power in day and night with storage to run lights and fan at night. 


Watch Video - सोलर से सिधा AC चलायें


In this video, you will  know about the latest technology Solar AC Module launched by Loom Solar.


Main products 

Luminous NXG Inverter - 1100 (1 nos.)

Exide Battery -  65 Ah (1 nos.)

Loom Solar Panels - 160 watts (1 nos.)

Running load

Up to 500 watts of power with combination of -  3-5 Led lights, 1-2 Ceiling Fans, 1 Television + 1 Laptop/Mobile Charging



Government of India does not offer any subsidy on off grid solar systems.

Backup time*


300 W

200 W

150 W

100 W

50 W


2 hrs 

3 hrs

4 hrs 

5 hrs 

12 hrs 


Technical Details

inverter model

Luminous NXG 1100

inverter capacity

850 VA

pv module connectivity

160 watts

battery included


standard installation kit included



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Ask a Question
  • I want to run 1 AC on Solar power. How much capacity is required and how much battery backup will be their.

    Air conditioner consumes 7 amp, 1500 watts every hour, and when it starts, it takes starting power of 4,000 watts, Hence, To run 1 Ac of 1.5 ton, It is must to buy 5 kW off grid solar system, it works with 8 nos. of solar battereis of 150 Ah and it gives power backup of 4-5 hours.   

  • If a 100 watt panel, 650 va inverter, 60 ah battery is connected with a 150 watt household load during daytime, how long it will take to full charge the battery.

    60 Ah Battery needs 6 amp charging current, Since 100 watt solar panel generates almost 6 amps at peak time. It should get charged in 10 hours. 

  • I need to run 4 fans 2 plug points and 4 tube lights. Can you please tell me how much will this cost.

    The price of solar system which runs 4 fans, 4-5 lights and mobile and laptop charging points, buy 1 kvA solar system with 300 watt solar panel. It is priced at Rs. 45,000/- 

  • Sir I want 650 VA inverter how much cost I should have to pay and what will be delivey time in mp Ujjain

    650 VA solar inverter with battery, Inverter and Installation kit, It costs INR 19,000/- across all cities in india Including Ujjain. 

  • Can I add 80Ah Battary with this solar system and installation charges include in this amount?

    in 650 VA solar system combo, you can upgrade battery capacity from 60 Ah to 80 Ah. There will be no increase in solar panel installation cost as the cost of solar panel installation depends on capacity of solar panel used in solar system. 

  • It's battery can charge with electricity

    Solar batteries are advanced version of Tubular Inverter battery. It can be charged from solar panels and Electricity both. 

  • I want to run 8 fans and 10 led lights (9watt) and one mobile charging how much watt solar inverter and panels and battery i want Off grid system... Sir please reply me.

    1 kw off grid solar system with 1000 watts of solar panel is recommended solar system for running 8 fans, 10 led light and mobile charging, it will be priced at Rs. 95,000 Including Installations.

  • In future if I want to increase backup. if will go additional 60ah battery means in additionally how many solar panel is required and the same inverter will support. ?

    Luminous 650 va inverter suppors large range of battery from 20 Ah - 200 Ah. Since, we are offering 60 Ah battery with 100 watt solar panel, you can connect another 60 Ah battery in partellel connection, We recommend atleast 100 watt solar panel to be connected. Luminous 650 VA inverter supports upto 200 watts of solar panel. 

  • I want to run 2 fan (80watt) with 5 led bulb (50watt) and 1 air cooler (300watt) on solar energy than howz is approximately prize of solar system with that following requirement

    300 watt solar system with 150 Ah battery and 1 KVA inverter is sufficient for running 2 fan, 5 led light and 1 air cooler. The cost is INR 45,000 Including of product cost, delivery charges and Installaton cost. 

  • Is this solar system suitable for air cooler

    100 watts solar system with 650 VA inverter is for small power needs like running few lights, fans, 1 TV and mobile charging, We recommend not to run air cooler on it. 

  • Hello, how much time does it take to charge a 60 AH battery form 200 watt solar panel?

    Luminous Eco watt solar 650 supports a maximum of 200 Watts of solar panel. If you add 200 watts solar panel, it will charge 60 ah battery in 6-7 hours. 

  • How many meter cable wire is provided with this product.If extra needed then what is the price /meter.

    In Solar solution which includes standard solution, DC wire of 10 meters positive and 10 meters negative is provided. In case, extra wire is required, it is made available @ Rs. 75 per meter. You can also buy additional wire with connector with this link, Wire with connector.

  • Delivery charge

    Loom Solar is India's first of its kind compnay in online that never asks delivery charges from customer. all the item bought on loom solar comes with free delivery charges. 

  • My load is 150 watt(28 W fan*3, 15 W Led bulb*3) and backup time required is for 4 hrs.Is this model suitable for me? Can I operate it manually when power goesoff since I don't want the inverter to trip when I use other higher watt appliances like fridge,mixer,washing machine!

    In 650 watt solar off grid combo, you get 60 Ah battery that runs 150 watt power for almost 4 hours. You need to keep seperate connections 1) operating through inverter , Utility grid and 2) Applainces which will be running directly from Utility grid. On 650 Va inverter, Do not put more than 500 watts of power, otherwise it will trip. Do not connect power load of Fridge, Washing machine on inverter.

  • Hello,how much time does it take to charge a 60 AH battery from 100 watt solar panel? Any extra cable wire will be provided since the distance fom my floor to terrace top is approximate 10 mtr.

    A 100 watt solar panel generates 5 amps current when generation is at peak. That means, 60 amps hours solar battery would take minium 12 hours of time for full charge, considering losses in solar system, you should consider around 15 hours to time in charging 60 ah battery from 100 watt panel. 

  • Hi sir/madam Shall u provide installation person, when purchase this product of Luminous 650VA off-grid solar system

    Surely, We Provide installation in all solar systems which are solar power generating system. Installaton are not provided to individual product. also, The Installation service is available across India. 

  • I want to run 1.5 ton inverter a.c. only.On solar panel. How many watts solar panel suitable

    Air conditioner consumes huge power hence, any solar system of less than 3 kw is not recommended. here is the link to buy 3 kw solar system to run 1.5 ton inverter A.C. 

  • For fitting or giving connection ur company member will coming na? And what about maintanance

    The cost of product includes installation, our engineer will come for installation from our side. Maintenance is taken care by customer itself. once in a three month, you need to clean solar panels and put distilled water in battery for water toping up

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It saves our 50. % bill

It’s a very nice product

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Easy assembly

I'am using this off grid system at my farm for lighting purposes. Can be useful for places where you don't have electricity connection.

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I am enjoying solar power

Very nice and clean electricity

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