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Product Summary

Luminous Solar NXG 1100/12V UPS is an intelligent hybrid inverter with 30 amps inbuilt solar charge controller. The inverter supports up to 600 watts of solar panels. It is suitable for running up to 850 va load mix of 8- 10 led lights, 2-3 fans, 1 television, 1 small fridge with laptop and mobile charging during power cuts. It always gives priority to solar for charging battery from solar panels. 

  • up to 600 watt solar panel compatibility
  • electricity savings of 3 units per day. 


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nxg 1100


850 VA


pure sine wave (latest)

power load

upto 850 va, mix of 8 - 10 Led, 2-3  fans, 1 television, 1 juicer with laptop and mobile charging.

backup time

6-10 hours


wave Type

pure sine wave

voltage window (eco mode):

100 volt – 290 volt 

voltage window (UPS mode)

180 volt – 260 volt

full battery recharge time

10-12 hours

charge controller rating

30 amps / 12V


overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, battery low cut off


  • mains available - yes
  • battery charging through mains - yes
  • battery charging through solar panel – yes
  • voltage regulation display – yes
  • power savings - yes
  • load output through Battery - yes
  • low Battery Indication – yes
  • overload Indication – yes

Additional Features

  •     battery selection type – tubular/ flat / sMF
  •     charging selection type – fast charging / normal charging
  •     voltage regulation mode – eco / ups
  •     inverter reset key - yes


weight (kg)

10 kg

dimensions [H *W *D] in cm

371 *32*25

Manual / Warranty card

Download product manual to know product in details, its warranty terms, understand how to install and troubleshoot the errors while operating the solar inverter. 


Ask a Question
  • Can I connect 40ah battary? and latter upgrade 150ah.

    Yes You can But it should be of 12v.

  • I wish to know which solar system will be suitable in a rural area in West UP if there is a power cut of about 10-12 hours during the day and grid power is available during the night for about 10-12 hours. I have a grid connection but wish to buy a 3KV solar system to power my home, including a 1 Ton 5 start AC during the day, please advice.

    We suggest you to Off grid sytem 5 KW For all appliances. 

    Call / what’s app for product purchase - 8750 77 88 00 

  • I want's to run only 4-6 led bulb what should i buy please guide me i I'm living in village area ....

    sir 180 watt panel and battery 12 volt is enough.

  • I have luminous solar nxg 1100 , 12 volt with 150Ah battery with 660 watt solar panel, 1. What is my back-up time if i run 2 ceiling fan, 2 led with 22 watt led, 9 watt 4 led. 2. Can I use 1 Extra 150Ah battery in same configuration?

    If you want to connect 1 more battery go for 24 volt inverter and it's back up is 4 if you run all these things.

  • Can I use it without a battery to use only during daytime(sunlight) along with the mains? My objective is to use the solar power during day time and automatically switch to main supply during night. I don't need backup during night when the mains power supply is not available.

    we suggest you go with on grid system not with off grid.

  • Nxg1100.seme.ak.fridgechalasktahu.aksellingfan3tube

    yes sir it can run.

  • Does the inverter make noise when it is in use? I. E : beep beep beep

    No Sir, this inverter does no make noise.

  • NXG1100, 850VA, 12Volts What is the max battery capacity that can be connected to this ups

    On Nxg 1100, The battery range is 40 Ah- 200 Ah, You can connect upto 200 Ah solar battery.  

  • Can I use two 100 watt solar panel and double battery with zelio 1100 model

    With Luminous inverter model Zelio 1100, you can connect 1 battery and solar panel upto 600 watts

  • Sir, How much Load i can put On Luminous solar nxg hybrid inverter 1100 VA - 12V ???? Plzzz help me out... Will It Support 80Ah /12V battery or Need more Ampere battery ??? Plzzzz help me

    Luminous inverter model NXG 1100 will support upto 900 watts of loads. You can connect 80 ampere hour battery, 

  • It will support 80 Ah / 12V battery ??? Or need more Ampere battery ???

    Luminous NXG 1100 is a 12 volt single battery design solar system, it will support 80 Ah battery, You can only connect 1 nos. of solar battery. 

  • I have nxg 1100 solar inverter and have 2 no solar panel plates of 100 watt each, how can I connect these in series or parallel

    Luminous NXG 1100 solar inverter supports upto 600 watts of 12 Volt panel, since, you have 2 nos. of 100 watt panel. You should connect in parellel, Add + with + and - with -.

  • Sir mere paas Luminous ka NXG 1800 inverter hai aur 300 watt solar panel hai the inventor me kitni plate Laga sakta Hoon

    Nxg 1800 model supports upto 1,000 watts of solar panel, so you can connect 700 watts of panel more. 

  • Sir mere paas luminous ka nxg 1800 enveter he or 300 watt ki solar penal he to kitni penal laga sakta hu

    Nxg 1800 Inverter supports upto 1000watt of solar panel, since, you already have 300 watts panel, you need additional 700 watts of panel more. 

  • Can it be used with 24v 300 watt panel and 12v battery

    It is strongly recommended not to use 300 watt 24 Volt solar panels with nxg 1100 and 12 volt battery. in 12 volt system, all the products such as inverter, battery, panels should be of 12 volt. 

  • I bought this inverter but not connect with solar and connect with electric before 4 days but today showing over load on display why pls tell me

    There are two scenario in which inverter shows overload, 1) you are putting more home appliances compared to inverter capacity, in Nxg 1100 model, do not connected more than 650-700 watts of power, 2) If you are consumming lower power (< 650 watts) still it shows overlad, i.e. inverter is dead, the PCBA needs to be replaced, Just login a complaint at 1800 103 3039, Luminous engineer will get the product /PCBA replaced free of cost. 

  • Is it necessary to connect solar battries. Do normal tubular battery dont work.pls reply urgently

    It is not necessary to have solar batteries with solar inverters, A normal Tubular battery can also be connected with solar inverters. However, there are many advantages of solar battery over normal tubular battery such as 1) Solar is C10 rated battery - 20% more backup, 2) 5 years replacement warranty 3) long life upto 10 years. 

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Jannat B.

Good product

Very satisfied.


Very Good Product

Product is very good. But after sales support is very bad. 3 days promising delivery is a hoax.


not satisfied

1. Delivery very bad 2. DC out put not available 3. Product not same, colour not match

Prasanta S.

Worst delivery experience

The item was delivered very late. As per the company website its showing delivered within 3 days but it takes around 15days


Not working properly lodged complaint

Not working properly lodged complaint @ luminous service engineer

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