Luminous Solar Panels

Luminous Solar Panel 165 Watt - 12 Volt Save 37%

Luminous Solar Panel 165 Watt - 12 Volt

25 Years* Warranty

Rs. 11,840
Rs. 7,500
7 reviews

Product Summary Luminous solar panel 165 Watt - 12 Volt is used to charge Lead Acid Tubular Battery. It can Charge the battery during the day betwe...

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Rs. 11,840
Rs. 7,500
Save 37%


Luminous is of Schneider electric – a French global, specialist energy management and automation. Founded in 1988, It is leading Indian brand into solar that manufactures solar inverter, solar battery, solar panel, solar charge controller, on-grid and off-grid solar systems. Luminous at present is leading Indian brand in solar with 6000 plus employees, 7 manufacturing units, 1000 distributors and 60000 dealer network. Sachin Tendulkar, Indian Cricketer is the brand ambassador of Luminous, The Company is also rewarded with super brand status in the year 2015-16.

Luminous solar panels

Solar panels are solar products in India. They are the medium through which sunlight is captured which is later converted into useful electricity.

Luminous is among tier- 2 solar companies in India. It makes Solar Panel from 40 watt to 335 watts in polycrystalline and monocrystalline technology. Luminous solar panels are made from a block of silicon consisting of crystals. It is highly efficient solar panels for solar power generation. The efficiency of luminous polycrystalline is 15-16% whereas, the efficiency of luminous mono crystalline panels up to 19%. Luminous solar panel could cost you approximately INR 35 - INR 60 per watt of power generated in India, depending upon the brand and the quantities you buy. These panels typically come with 1-year manufacturer and 25 years performance warranty. 


Can We Run AC on Solar?



Yes, you heard it right! This Summer Run Your ACs for FREE on Grid Connected Solar System. One of the prerequisites of an on grid solar installation is net metering.

Luminous Solar Panel Price List | 2021 

Luminous Solar panel prices are dependent on the capacity of solar panel and technology variant. The price of will always varies with what capacity of panel you are buying. In Luminous, you get 40 watt, 75 watt, 100 watt, 160 watt, 270 watt, 335 watt solar. The price range of Luminous solar panel varies from INR 35- INR 65 per watt.    

solar panel ratings

selling price

per watt price

Luminous 40 Watt / 12V Solar Panels

₹ 2650

₹ 66

Luminous 60 Watt / 12V Solar Panels

₹ 3700

₹ 61

Luminous 75 Watt / 12V Solar Panels

₹ 4300

₹ 57

Luminous 100 Watt / 12V Solar Panels

₹ 5400

₹ 54

Luminous 160 Watt / 12V Solar Panels

₹ 8300

₹ 51

Luminous 200 Watt / 12V Solar Panels

₹ 9700

₹ 49

Luminous 270 Watt / 24V Solar Panels

₹ 11500

₹ 43

Luminous 300 Watt / 24V Solar Panels

₹ 14200

₹ 47

Luminous 335 Watt / 24V Solar Panels

₹ 14500 

₹ 43



Luminous solar panel 300 watt 

300-watt solar panel consists of two numbers of 160-watt panels. It generates a peak current of 15 amperes when connected in parallel. Luminous solar panel 300 watts is priced INR 16,600 with free home delivery. It is the latest solar panel with 5 Busbars made of aluminium. 


Luminous solar panel 150 watt

Luminous recently up gradated capacity of solar panels from 150 watt to 160 watt. It is a 12-volt panel designed to charge 12-volt single battery up to 200 Ah. The price of 150 watt Luminous solar panel is INR 8,300 Inclusive of 5% tax rate and delivery cost.  


Luminous solar panel 100 watt

100 watt solar panel is used with solar charge controllers to charge the small battery and run DC loads. It is a small solar panel with height of 3.3 feet and width 2.3 feet. During the day when sunlight is available, it converts 5 amp current into useable electricity. The Price of Luminous solar panel 100 watt is INR 5,400 inclusive of taxes and delivery.  

Luminous solar panels – FAQ 

Q. What is the price of 200-watt solar panel in India?

    Ans. 200-watt solar panel comes in 12V and 24V, however, you will find 200 watt / 12 volt panel out of stock most of the time due to higher demand and lower supply. The price of Luminous 200 watt / 12-volt solar panel is INR 9700 and The Price of Luminous 200 watt / 24 Volt panel is INR 9,900.  

    Q. What is the price of luminous solar panel 300 watt?

      Ans. The price of 300 watt solar panel depends on whether you want 12 volt or 24 volt panel. If you want to buy 12 volt, you need to buy 2 nos. of 150 watt panel, the price of 300 watt 12V panel is INR 16,600 and the price of 300 watt 24-volt luminous panel is INR 14,200. 

      Q. How can I Install Solar Panels for My Home?

      Ans. Let us talk about how to install solar panels. You can use the services of an EPC installer or can do-it-yourself. Given below is the solar installation guide for an off grid solar system which is simple and easy.

      Q. How can I buy the best solar panel for my home? 

      Ans. Solar panels have become the basic units for generating electricity. The popularity of solar energy in generating power is attributed to its improving efficiencies and reducing costs. Solar energy has gradually reached grid parity with almost all states in India and has become a convenient option for power generation in places located far from the grid. Learn 6 simple steps to buy the best solar panels for home and business

      Q. What is average solar panel price in India? 

      There are two types of solar panels, monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels. The cost of monocrystalline panels is always 5 ~10 % higher from poly panels as mono panels are highly efficient. In per watt price, which is a standard term to measure solar panel price in India, the price of solar panel in India starts from ₹ 25 per watt for 300 ~ 350 watts of panels. The cost of low rating and low-efficiency solar panels will always be lower.  

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