Luminous eco watt solar inverter 1050 VA

with 2 Years Warranty
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Product Summary

Luminous launches eco watt 1050 solar inverter for consumers planning to make their home solar powered and wish to run up to 600 watts of power appliance, i.e. combination of 3-4 fans, 4-5 led lights, 1 television and 1 air cooler.

  • up to 300 watt solar panel compatibility
  • Support of battery from 40 Ah - 150 Ah. 
  • charging from solar and electricity both





1050VA, 700 watts


square wave

Power Load

5 Led lights, 3-4 fans, 1 television

Backup time

6-10 hours


Wave Type

square wave

Rated Capacity

1050 VA

Voltage Window (eco mode):

100 V – 290V 

Voltage window (UPS mode)

180V – 260 V

Full Battery Recharge Time

10-12 Hrs

Charge Controller Rating

17 Amp/ 12V


Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off


  • Mains available - yes
  • Battery Charging  - yes
  • Voltage regulation display – yes
  • Low Battery Indication – yes
  • Overload Indication – yes

Additional Features

  •     Battery Selection Type – Tubular/ Flat / SMF
  •     Charging selection type – Fast charging / Normal Charging
  •     Voltage regulation mode – Eco / UPS



Weight (Kg)

12 kg

Dimensions [H *W *D] in cm

371 *32*25


Ask a Question
  • What is the difference between Luminous loom solar nsx hybrids and luminous eco watt solar inverters ?

    There is only 1 difference between solar nxg and eco watt solar inverter. NXG 1100 is a pure sine wave solar inverter while Eco watt solar 1050 is a square wave inverter. 

  • Can I get a home demonstration in Agra?

    As of now, there is no mechanism to provide demonstration at home. however, you can visit our online touch points, The solar engineers will explain everything about the product, benefits, and how it works practically. 

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