Luminous solar charge controllers


Luminous is the leading solar company in India with annual revenue of 3,000 Cr. and Sachin Tendulkar as a brand ambassador. It is the most trusted brand in Inverters and solar with more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing inverters and solar products. Luminous at present is among the leading players in the market with 7 manufacturing units, more than 28 sales office, more than 60,000 channel partners and export over 36 countries worldwide. 

Luminous solar charge controller

A charge controller regulates the energy flowing from PV arrays into batteries. It prevents batteries from overcharging. It converts a higher voltage DC output from solar panels to lower voltage for batteries. It comes with inbuilt DC output to run DC appliance such as charging mobile phones, running fans, lights on the solar charge controller. There are three ratings available in luminous solar charge controller 6 amps, 10 amps, and 20 amps, It supports solar panel from 125 watt – 800 watts. 

Luminous solar retrofit

It is an upgraded version of the solar charge controller, it works if you connect with existing setup of inverter and battery, if you do not have an inverter and battery, it will not work. It is an intelligent device which manages the better use of solar power generation, it charges the battery and also runs the appliances of your home connected with the inverter. Luminous solar retrofit comes with digital display and ability to charge a battery and run A.C appliances directly from solar during the day. There are two variants available in retrofit - 20 amps and 50 amps with the capacity to charge batteries from 1 battery to 10 batteries.    

Technology trends in Charge controller and retrofit

Mppt is latest technology product solar charge controller with 95% efficiency but Luminous does not manufacture mppt technology based solar charge controller, All the charge controllers and Retrofits made by Luminous is under PWM technology with 65~ 70% of efficiency.  

Luminous solar charge controller price list | 2019

Solar charge controller rating starts from 6 amps, the price range of solar charge controller and retrofit is between ₹600 – ₹15,800 depending upon the rating of the charge controller, whether it is a charge controller or retrofit. 

Luminous solar charge controller prices are obtained from sellers in major cities in India including Chennai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Pune, and hence, Luminous solar charge controller prices in this price list are valid for all Indian states and cities.


Luminous solar charge controller model

selling price

6 amps, 12 volt, pwm

₹ 600

10 amps, 12-24 volt, pwm

₹ 1,100

20 amps, 12-24 volt, pwm

₹ 1,900

20 amps, 12-24 volt, pwm

₹ 2,800

50 amps, 48 volt, pwm

₹ 8,800

50 amps, 96 volt, pwm

₹ 12,800

50 amps, 120 volt, pwm

₹ 15,800


Luminous solar charge controller manual 

Product manual of luminous solar charge controller helps the customer to read and learn various features available in luminous solar charge controllers. It also helps in installing the product with pictures and troubleshooting. Here is the link to download a pdf version of Luminous solar charge controller manual and Luminous solar retrofit manual

Luminous Solar charge controller - FAQ

Q. How can i use luminous solar conversion kit to upgrade my existing inverter battery into solar ?

Ans. While you are thinking to use solar in your home for uninterrupted power or to save electricity bill. You can also convert your existing inverter into solar by just adding Luminous solar conversion kit. Buy Luminous Shine 2420 with 320 watts of the panel to make your home solar powered.


Q. Do luminous makes mppt solar charge controller?

Ans. Mppt is the latest technology in charge controllers and hence it is costly. Luminous does not manufacturer mppt based solar charge controllers to be price competitive in the Indian Retail Market.


Q. How to install solar charge controller with battery and solar panels?

Ans. Solar charge controller needs to be connected with Battery and panels. Add +  wire of solar panels with solar charge controller + PV terminal. Add - wire of solar panels with Luminous solar charge controller - PV terminal. Similarly, add Battery positive terminal with the solar controller battery positive input point and add a battery negative terminal with solar charge controller battery negative input point.

How to Install Luminous solar charge controller

Q. How to select solar charge controller capacity for charging battery?

Solar charge controller capacity is rated in amps, the selection of solar charge controller depends upon how much capacity of solar panels will be connected with batteries. in the small solar system, solar panels are connected in parallel connections (+ with + and - with -). solar charge controller capacity should not be less than the sum of current at max. power of solar panels. 

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