LOOM SOLAR - 1 KVA / 12 Volt Single battery (upgrade to Solar)

Save 26%

Sale priceRs. 30,000 Regular priceRs. 40,500


This is a solar upgrade system for home owners having single battery system from 80 Ah - 200 Ah. Customers owning the 12 volt battery system may have Home Inverters from 600 VA - 1400 VA. This solar system upgrade is compatible with all make of Home Inverters and batteries.  

If you purchase this solar package, During the day time, all the appliances which are running on home inverters will be running on Solar, It will not use Electricity and battery.

In Case you want to go completely off grid. i.e do not want to use Government electricity, A home owner should use 2 Nos. of Shark 440 - A Super high efficiency Solar Panels.  

Product Package

Solar Panel

Shark 440 Watt

Charge Controller

Fusion 4024 Mppt – 40 amps

Installation Kit

Panel Stand, Push and pull connector with 15 meter long wire.

Technical info

Battery Charging Time

5-8  Hours.

Space requirement

2 meter by 1 meter


Do it yourself (Home owners to do it),


25 years performance warranty on solar panel and 1 year of Charge controller.


Installation Process 

To know more about the product, download the product manual. 

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