What is Solar System?

A solar system is a setup that generates electricity by utilizing the solar energy system. A typical solar system consists of solar panels, inverter, mounting structure, batteries, balance of systems (wires, nuts etc.).

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Benefits of Solar Rooftop

In last couple of years, Solar energy has been one of the most affordable, dependable, and financially viable source of energy. The ‘green’ environmental benefits are the ones you’re more aware of, but there are other well-known financial rewards to replacing traditional coal- powered electricity with solar electricity as well. 


The 3 Steps to Go Solar!

1. Site Survey

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2. Finalize the Solar System

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3. Installation

Solar Installation within 15 days by experience engineers

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An engineer is well equipped with knowledge about the entire installation process and is well-positioned to advise you in this regard.

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Loom Solar is a start-up, a manufacturer of solar panels and Lithium batteries based out of Faridabad, Haryana. It is an ISO 9001 - 2015 certified company and recognized startup by Govt. of India. It is present in 500 districts across India having 3500 resellers, 100 employees, 2 offices and 1 Manufacturing unit.