Loom Solar 5 KW off grid solar system for Homes, Small office, Shops

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5 Years WarrantySKU: Mtk (5/48V), CAML 10048, Shark 440 (10), + High rise structure + Installation Kit

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A 5-kW solar system is a self-sustainable for a home, small office or shops, this 5-kW system offered by Loom Solar is unique in offering as It comes in 48 Volt design, it is powered by Lithium battery and Super High efficiency Shark 440 panels. This combo is made of World’s most advanced technological products. If you Install this system on rooftop, you may not require Grid Connection in case you do not use Air Conditioners.

This Solar pack runs everything such as Multiple lights up to 500 watts, Many Celling fans, 8- 10, and Home and Kitchen Appliances such as Television, Refrigerator, Water Motor, Geyser, Grinder, Juicer Machine, and many more up to the power of 5000 Watts.

  • It is an Completely off grid system, Customer may go for Grid disconnection
  • Comes with Latest technology products, Lithium battery, Super High Efficiency shark panels, High rise structure and Monitoring of data on Laptop using Lan Cable. 
  • It is a maintenance free system unlike other off grid system where customer needs to do water top in batteries. 
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Main products 

Inverter – Mtek 5 kVA 

Battery - 5 kWh (100 Ah / 48 Volts) - CAML battery powered by Lithium cells. 

Solar Panels - 5 kW (Shark 440 Watt * 10 Nos.)


During day time – Solar panel shall be running the home appliances + It shall be charging batteries too.

During Night hours – The Home appliances shall be running on Lithium Batteries.

Technical Details 

system Size

5 kWH

battery included


standard installation included


Remote Monitoring

On Laptop Using Lan Cable

installation cost

₹15000 per kW 


Overload, deep discharge, short-circuit, Battery low cut off

Understand - why you should install solar system?

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Here is the attached engineering diagram to install the system.  

For more technical details you can download the following:

1. CAML10048 Datasheet & User Manual

2. 5kW Off-grid inverter User Manual

3. SHARK440 Datasheet

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