Why Net Meter is not approved?

Due to lack of some installation, net metering is not approved. Here we are seeing that it is done properly. So what are those basic guidelines? See safety is the first in every installation. What you have to keep in mind is to give first priority to all over India safety in not only Bengal but also not only in Kolkata. After that, the solar system has to be installed. If you people do not pay attention to safety then anything can happen. Because this system is Hazardous product. If we do not pay attention to safety then anything can happen.

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The earth should be yours right. This is grounding, the grounding must be correct. The lighting that sits above should also be correct. There is no problem with this system. The people of CSEC have also done inspection here. In addition, the other thing which is 5kwh who told himself. The load capacity of the customer, which is of grid meter, should also be 10% above the load capacity of the solar system.

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