Best Solar Panel Manufacturer for Home

Solar panel for home become a necessity part of life these days beacuse it can saves us from the higher electricity bills and also provide us the shield from the fluctuating prices of power supply. Solar panel becomes you more energy independent and gives you the control over the consumption of electricity. Additionally solar panel for home increase property values and making it a smart investment for future.

How Much do Solar Panel for Home Cost?

Solar panel for home price is depand on various factors like the size of solar system, type of solar system, technology of solar panels, type of solar battery and inverters etc. Solar panel for home price starting from Rs. 80,000 and goes upto Rs. 10 lakh according to size and type of solar panel for home. 

Which Appliances Can I Run With Solar Panel?

Its depand on the size of solar sytem for home for example you will install a 1 KW solar system for home then you can runeasily 4 to 5 fans and upto 10 lights, charge a laptop or mobile, fridge, water motor and mixer etc. as you increase the size of your solar system for home, you can run more heavy appliances on solar system as like washing machine, Air conditioner etc. 

Is EMI Available for Solar Panel for Home?

Yes, you can buy solar panel for home on monthly basis EMI option and on a easy loan option with a lower rate of interest. Solar system on EMI makes the solar panel affordability easy and hassle free to homeowners. You can make the same amount of EMI as your monthly electricity bill to easily installation of solar panel for home. 

Is Susbidy Available for Solar Panel for Home?

Central and state both the government offers solar panel subsidy to install solar panel for home.. Central govt. Both central and state offers the solar subsidy, for the general category states the central government pay 30% amount for the total as a subsidy. But for special states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, J&K and Lakshadweep the central government pays the 70% subsidy amount. If your state doesn’t offer the subsidy on solar you can avail the central government subsidy by applying through the National Portal for Solar Portal. 

Who is the Best Solar Panel Manufacturer for Home?

To choose the best solar panel manufacturer for home consider a many thing like to see the review of manufacturers who have maintained their quality and performance over the past couple of years. Additionally, choose that solar panel manufacturer who helps you to get government subsidies and local regulations may also influence your choice of solar panels, so it's wise desicion to consult with solar professionals in your area before making a decision from which solar panel manufacturer is best.

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