40% Subsidy on Rooftop Solar Installation in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Mumbai, Maharashtra: Central government is providing 40 percent subsidy to residential consumers and 20 percent subsidy to Group Housing Societies & Residential Welfare Associations for installation of Rooftop solar system. The installation of Rooftop Solar system will lead to huge savings in monthly household electricity bills, while the remaining electricity will also be purchased by Mahavitaran at the end of each financial year through Net metering arrangement.

Chairman & Managing Director of MSEDCL Shri Vijay Singhal hereby appeals all the residential consumers to participate in this Scheme. On 30.08.2021 Chairman & Managing Director of MSEDCL Shri Vijay Singhal took a review meeting with MSEDCL officials and directed Regional Offices to act immediately to provide advantage of this Scheme to consumers.

How much is the solar subsidy?

A target of 25 MW has been sanctioned for Mahavitaran under Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) Phase-II Scheme. Under this scheme, Central Financial Assistance (CFA) will be provided by the Central Government for installation of Rooftop Solar System of at least one kilowatt capacity to the residential category consumers. This Scheme will provide 40 percent subsidy for residential consumers for 1 to 3 kW and 20 percent subsidy for above 3 kW to 10 kW. Consumers of Group Housing Society and Residential Welfare Association will also get 20 percent subsidy for common facilities up to 500 kW with a limit of 10 kW for each house.

How to get solar subsidy?

Mahavitaran has empaneled zone wise agencies to set up Rooftop Solar Systems. The list of empaneled agencies and online application facility is available on Mahavitaran website www.mahadiscom.in. 

Solar System Capacity Amount
Minimum 1kW  Rs. 46,820/-
Above 1 to 2 kW Rs. 42,470/-
Above 2 to 3 kW Rs. 41,380/-
Above 3 to 10 kW Rs. 40,290/-
Above 10 to 100 kW Rs. 37,020/-
1 kW to 3 kW 40% Subsidy
3 kW to 10 kW 20% Subsidy
Above than 10 kW No Any Subsidy
3kW Solar System Rs. 1,24,140/-
40% Subsidy for 3kW Rs. 49,656/-
Consumer Price for 3kW Rs. 74,484/-


The per kilowatt cost announced for installation of Rooftop Solar System including five years comprehensive maintenance is as: for 1 kW Rs.46,820/-, Above 1 to 2 kW – Rs. 42,470/-, Above 2 to3 kW – Rs. 41,380/-, Above 3 to 10 kW – Rs.40,290/- and Above 10 to 100 kW- Rs. 37,020/-. For example for a Rooftop Solar System of 3KW the total cost will be Rs 1,24,140/-. Out of this, 40 percent subsidy of Rs. 49,656/- will be given as Central Financial Assistance and the concerned consumer will have to actually spend Rs. 74,484/-.

After the installation of 1KW Rooftop Solar System, the consumers having consumption up to 100 units per month can save up to Rs. 550 every month as per the current tariff. Also through the Net metering arrangement, the unutilized units from Rooftop Solar System will be purchased by Mahavitaran at the end of each financial year. It will also benefit the concerned residential consumers financially. At the same time, the payback period on investment for such Rooftop Solar System will be about 3 to 5 years. Mahavitaran hereby appeals all the residential consumers to participate in this Scheme to reduce the carbon emission and become an environment friendly consumer and also save money against monthly electricity bill. 

How to Install Grid Connected Solar System in Mumbai, Maharashtra? 

Note: Loom Solar does not provide any subsidy on rooftop solar system. This article is only for solar awareness for home owners. 


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Ganesh Handel

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Akshay Singhal

Any subsidy for Uttar Pradesh, District Hapur

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