Luminous 1 KW solar Installations in Sivaganggai, Tamil Nadu

Here is what a customer from Tamil Nadu has to say:


“Friends, Thanks to Loom Solar Team. I am P Seshadhri Naganathan from Kasegaon of Sivaganggai district of Tamil Nadu. I wanted to run my all daily use appliances like led bulb, TV, refrigerator and fans of home using solar. In our town, an electricity is available, but long power-cut problems. So with the help of Loom Solar team, I decided to switch to solar (Bought 335 Watt Monocrystaline Solar PanelSolar Inverter NXG 1800150ah Solar Battery and Portable Mounting Structure).

I use 10 bulbs, 3 Fans, 1 Refrigerator, 1 TV & mobile charging every day. My solar system starts to charge from the morning 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. I am using lights and fan the whole night. I bought this system from Loom Solar, they delivered at my location within 3-4 days and installed it in properly. I am extremely happy with this product and the Loom Solar service. They care customers who place order from rural village or Tehsil.


1kw solar installation from loom solar 

1kw solar installations




Pl call me 9940782605 loom solar 1kv off gird full set price



My house is a new solar

Moorthi Manickam

Moorthi Manickam

I’m Tamilnadu Send me contact number

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