3 kW AC Module Installation – Residential Home in Nakodar, Jalandhar (Punjab)

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Loom Solar has installed 3 kW Grid Connected AC Module in Home near Malowal Mahatpur, Nakodar, Jalandhar (Punjab) location. Malowal is remote area where we have installed this system. We were really surprised when we meet to the home owner. He is 85 years old person and he is having enough knowledge of the latest technology solar system. He approached us by our website www.loomsolar.com and we understand his requirements. He wants to buy traditional grid connected solar system, but due to complex net metering procedure in our country, we recommended to install Grid Connected Solar System. Finally, he has bought Loom Solar 3 kW Grid Connected AC Module.


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We really appreciate our G.R. Products ServicesAuthorized Partner of HoshiarpurPunjab location. He has done first AC Module Installation by his team. They do highly quality works, such as fixing mounting structures with panels on top Terries, wiring connection, Earthing, Envoy Installation, etc. They finish this installation almost 3 days. Now, Home Owner wants to install Net Meter. The first priority of our customer was to reduce electricity bill. This is finally fulfill. The second priority is to sell electricity to the government, so they have applied application for Net Meter in electricity department.

3 kw grid-tied solar system installationAc module installation in indiaLoom solar ac moduleSolar panel installation


Tirlochan Singh

Tirlochan Singh

I want to install 5kw loom solar system at my house

Baljit Singh Cheema

Baljit Singh Cheema

Where is lightning protection system?

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