Top 10 Best TV Brands in India, 2022

Home is a dream for everyone, and people are fond of bringing new electronic appliances into the house. They keep doing something every day to make it nice and more comfortable, like Sometimes painting the house, sometimes cleaning work and sometimes shopping for it, and etc. Although everything they bring in home is necessary, but some electronics are such that without which the house seems incomplete. So, here now we will talk about TV. If you too are planning to get a new TV for your home, then this article is important for you. Here you will know about all those things which you need to know while buying it. 

TV Buying Guides - 4 Things Must Check

1. Use Case

When we are planning to buy a TV, we must think about the use case of TV. Use cases can vary, such as nowadays, TV is used in Homes and Businesses Purposes. On the basis of our purpose, we should choose suitable TV. 

2. Size

tv size

Whenever you select a tv, it's size is a very important factor. Its size depends on the installation area like, home, office, meeting conference room, restaurant, reception, etc. 

Size: 32 inch, 42 inch, 55 inch, 75 inch, 85 inch and most popular size of TV in market is 32 inch & 55 inch. 

3. Type

tv type

At present, people choose almost everything according to multipurpose work & if we talk about tv, it's also the same. TV should fulfil basic requirements as well as other requirements like Internet browsing, Netflix, YouTube, computer and phone connection, etc. So as per your requirements, you should buy a TV which can complement your living style. There are two types of TV available in the market, such as

a. Android TV: It has the option to install other applications, such as SonyLive, ZeeLive, Games Downloader, etc.

b. Smart TV: It has limited applications provided by TV manufacturers.

a. LED: It is Slim, Wall Mounted, Occupy Less Space, Light Weight.

b. OLED: This is better quality of LED.

3. Features

If you select Smart TV then you will be provided with features like LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity, computer & phone connectivity, internet web browsing, wall-mounted, cast screen, etc. As per consumer discussion, they always check following features, such as

a. Connectivity - USB, Bluetooth, HDMI & Wi-Fi, Screen Touch, Android - Google Connectivity, Chrome Cast - Connect with Laptop and Desktop 

4. Quality

tv quality

Quality is a very important factor in any electrical device, & here we are talking about TV then we would like to tell you that along with the video quality, sound quality, and look, also you should check its hardware material quality thoroughly.

Picture Quality - HD, FHD, 4K, 8K, 16K.  FHD & 4K will  be most popular in 10 years. 

Sound Quality - Normal Sound & Dolby Digital - It comes with very good sound quality.  

5. Price & Warranty


When it comes to electrical appliances, the price and warranty come together. Most of the people prefer to buy products of a company whose service is easily available in their local area. Otherwise, they do not even like to buy products from a company whose service is not available to them easily.

Price Range - 15,000, 23,000, 45,000, 60,000, 80,000, and More than 100,000

Warranty - 1 year to 3 years.

6. Consumer Experience

When we plan to invest money on any products, such as solar system, air conditioners, refrigerator, mobile, then we always check consumer reviews on internet and relative homes. We generally check product demonstration in local markets, such as electronics shops and shopping malls, such as Croma, reliance Digital and Vijay Sales.

Top 5 TV Brands in India, 2022

In above section, we have given some important tips for buying TV. Now, we are giving some popular brands of TV that will available in your area. We have selected top 5 TV brands on the basis of online search and consumer reviews.

a. Based on Online Search: 96% internet users searching new things on Google, so we use Google Keywords Planner tool here.

top 5 tv brands according to google keywords planner

b. Based on Consumer Reviews: If anyone wants to plan to buy a new products, always in mind are Amazon and Flipkart, so we have taken reference of both websites.

top 5 tv brands according to online consumer reviews

After analyzing both graphs, you can see, Samsung and MI are top brands in TV category. But we would like to tell you that there are two types of brands available in the market - Brand Leader & Category Leader. So, we can say that Samsung is the BRAND leader and MI is the CATEGORY leader. So, you can self decide that which brand is suitable for your home and office. 

1. Samsung


This is not too old, but still a very popular and trusted brand in the Indian market, whose information is as follows: 

Known For: Picture Quality
Product Range (Approximate): Rs. 19,000 To 5,00,000 

About Samsung: It's a South-Korean company & lead around 29% of the market.

Official Website:

    2. MI


    This is a new brand as compared to others but still got so much popularity and trust in the Indian market, whose information is as follows:- 

    Known For: Sound Quality
    Product Range (Approximate): 13,000 To 

      About MI: It's a China-based company & lead around more than 50% of the market.

      Official Website:

      3. Sony

      It is a very old & trusted brand in the Indian market whose information is as follows:- 

      • Known For: Sound Quality
      • Product Range (Approximate): 23,000 To 5, 00,000 Rs.

        About Sony: It's a Japan-based company. & it's lead around 25 to 30% of the market.

        Official Website:

          4. LG

          lg tv

          This is also a very old brand in the Indian market, whose information is as follows:-

          • Known For: Smart Technology 
          • Product Range (Approximate): 14,000 To 2, 00,000 Rs.

            About LG: It's also a South-Korean company & lead around 12 to 14% of the market.

            Official Website:

            5. OnePlus

            oneplus tv

            This is also a new brand in the market but still didn’t get so much popularity and trust in the Indian market, whose information is as follows:-

            • Known For:  Sound Quality
            • Product Range(Approximate): 22,000 To 

              About OnePlus: It's also a China-based company & lead around 10% of the market.

                Official Website:


                After reading this blog, I am sure that you will be able to choose a good TV for yourself keeping in mind all the factors. Loom Solar, which has been awarded the Fastest Solar Company Award in 2019, decided to publish this blog to help you choose the right TV. If you feel that this blog has provided you correct information and help, then do not forget to write your opinion in the comment box

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