Bifacial Solar Panel Price in India: Specifications & Compressions

Bifacial Solar Panel Summary

The world's latest technology solar panel is the Bifacial solar panel. It can generate electricity up to 25% extra compared to other traditional solar panels. Bifacial solar panels functions in duo mode, as the direct sunlight is received by the front panel pf the solar panel, the bacl side of the solar panel also receives the reflected light from the floor, other solar panel or from a coated shining surface. The back side of the Bifacial solar panel can genetate electricity up to 25% more combined with the usual power generation of the front side.

The efficiency of 'N-type' solar panels is higher by 22% or more, whereas the efficiency of 'P-type' solar panels lies in between18% to 20%. Generally, N-type solar panels have a watt range of 550W. Any solar panel that has a watt range of less than 550W is P-type.

At present, the market share of Bifacial solar panel is nearly 5% in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, but in the next 4-5 years, the market share of Bifacial solar panel will increase. The main reason for this is the limitation of space availability to install a solar panel at rolf tops. People are living in small spaces which makes it difficult to install traditional solar panels. There are many giant solar panel manufacturers in India such as Loom Solar, Waaree, and Adani, who are manufacturing Bifacial solar panels.

Therr are many benefits of installing Bifacial solar panels at a home or at a commercial place is the rooftop's space utilization. Bifacial solar panels generates extra electricity from a minimum installation area, these solar panels are also aesthetical to the installation area.

The main difference between a 'Half cut solar panel and the Bifacial solar panel' is the usage of solar cells. A Bifacial solar panel is manufactured by combining a systematical arrangement of Bifacial solar cells. Myraids of residential, commercial, and industrial sector consumers are switching to Bifacial solar panels for their home, school, hospital, shopping complex, manufacturing plants, cold storage, Atta Chakki, Ice-cream factory, etc.

The only disadvantage of installing the Bifacial solar panel is that they require a 'High Installation Area.' In some scenarios, a consumer does not have the RCC roof.

This solar panel can never generate electricity from its back side, if it is installed on Tin Shade roofs, such as we see in factories and manufacturing plants. The electricity generation goes down dramatically due to 'low to no' reflection from the installation surface.

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Bifacial Solar Panel Price in India

Bifacial Solar Panel Price in India starts from ₹ 21,750. The lowest price of Bifacial solar panel is ₹ 21,750 at Loom Solar on

Bifacial Solar Panel Full Specifications

Brand Loom Solar
Model SHARK 440-530W
Price in India
Dimensions (mm)
2131 x 1047 x 35
Weight (kg)
Electrical Specs
Maximum Power Pmax (W) 440
Maximum Power Voltage Vmp (V) 41.41
Maximum Power Current Imp (A) 10.63
Open Curcuit Voltage Voc (V) 49.69
Short Curcuit Current Isc (A) 11.34
Module Efficiency (%) 20.2
Mechanical Specs
Solar Cell Type Mono PERC Bifacail, 83 x 16 mm
Number of Cells 144 [12 x 6 || 12 x 6]
Front Glass 2 mm Semi-toughened Safety Glass
Back Glass 2 mm Semi-toughened Safety Glass
Frame Anodized Aluminium Alloy
J-Box IP68 / Waterproof PPO
Cable 4 & 500mm DC Wire
Number of Diodes 3
Connector MC4 IP68 Compatitble

Bifacial Solar Panel Comparisons

Solar Cell (mm) Mono PERC Bifacial, 83 x 16 Mono PERC Solar Cell
Maximum Power (W) 440 550
Maximum Voltage (V) 41.41 42.58
Maximum Current (A) 10.63 12.91
Efficiency (%) 20.2 21.30
Toughened Glass (mm)

Front - 2.00

Back - 2.00

Front - 2.00 mm
Dimensions (L x W * H)

 2131 x 1047 x 16

2178 x 1134 x 35
Weight (kg) 25 29
Frame (mm) Anodized Aluminium Frame Anodized Aluminium Frame
Number of diodes 3 3

Bifacial Solar Panel User Review & Ratings

Bifacial Solar Panel EMI / Loan Process bifacail solar panel emi

You can buy Bifacial solar panel for just pay ₹ 1,938 per month EMI for 12 months, and you need to pay ₹1,501 extra. You can calculate your monthly EMI here.   

Bifacial Solar Panel Installation Process

Step 1: Type of Roof
Step 2: Shadow Free Area
Step 3: Mounting Structure
Step 4: Placement (As per space no. of rows will decide)
Step 5: Structure Assembling
Step 6: Panels Mounting

Bifacial Solar Panel Buying Option

Loom Solar | Amazon | Flipkart | Local Shops

Bifacial Solar Panel Latest News 

DAS Solar unveils n-type bifacial glass-glass module for residential PV

Chinese module manufacturer DAS Solar has launched an all-black bifacial glass-glass module series with an output of 410 W to 430 W. The new series features efficiencies of up to 22% and a temperature coefficient of -0.3% per degree Celsius. The company is offering a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year power warranty for 87.4% of the initial yield.

Loom Solar launches 'Shark' series - India's most efficient solar panels

New Delhi : Loom Solar, an emerging Solar Tech start-up under Govt. of India's Start Up India initiative and the leader in mono panel category, today launched India's most efficient solar panels. The introduction of revolutionising super high efficiency products under Loom Solar's 'Shark' series with single panel capacity upto 440Watt & 530 Watt sets a new benchmark for the Indian solar industry.

Goldi Solar releases 520-550 W line of mono PERC solar panels

India's Goldi Solar has unveiled the HELOC Pro series of mono PERC solar modules, which are built with PV cells made in India. They are available in mono facial and bifacial variants, with power outputs ranging from 520 W to 550 W.

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