375W On Grid Solar System Price in India 2021
The solar AC module is capable of running the power equipment during the day directly from solar without inverters, batteries. It can be used in metro cities, big towns, capital cities without any hassle. It can power fan, television, refrigerator, lights with one panel, and even an air conditioner with four panels. It comes with a DIY installation guide.


For Small Homes. Its display shows Orange when solar is generating AC power, Flashing Red when there is no grid power available, and solid Red when there is no solar power available.


    1. 375 watt Solar panel and Micro Inverter
    2. Solar panel stand
    3. Connecting Cables and Connectors


    Saves Rs. 300 per month


    375W Solar System Price is approx. Rs. 28,000 in India. This pricing could be vary. We can give you approximate number. You have to pay additional charge for remote monitoring device.

    Components Cost
    (AC Module) - Loom Solar 375 watt Mono Panel  ₹ 28,000
    AC Q-Cable  -
    Loom solar 1 panel stand (375 watts)  -
    AC Wire, 1.5 sq mm, 15 Meters Pair  -
    3 Pin Socket  -
    Envoy Remote Monitoring Device  ₹ 20,000

    How to Buy

    You can buy 375Watt On Grid Solar System from here.


    This solar system will not work when there is a power failure.

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      3 kw के पैनल 5kw सोलर इन्वेस्ट लगवाना हैं । कितना खर्चा आएगा

      Mukut Dhar Patel

      Mukut Dhar Patel





      Sumit Debnath

      Sumit Debnath

      I m interest loom Solar 375w plz call 9933812932

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