25kW (25,000 Watt) Solar System Price in India, 2023

If you’re planning to install rooftop solar panels for your educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, universities, and training institutes to reduce electricity bills or power backup solutions, but you have the basic questions, “how much will it cost?” Solar Rooftop System prices depend on the size of your system, the type of equipment you choose, and the state that you live in, but checking the cost for a 25-kilowatt (kW) system is a great place to start for many business owners. Learn more about how much a 25 kW solar system costs, how much electricity a 25-kW system will produce, and the smartest way to buy solar panels.

How much does a 25-kW solar system cost?

25kw solar system in news

As of October 2021, the average cost of a solar power system in India is 40,000 to 1,00,000 per kilowatt – that comes out to 10,00,000 to 25,00,000 for a 25-kilowatt system. That means that the total 25 kW solar system without battery cost would be 10,00,000 and the solar system with battery bank would be 25,00,000 includes all costs. 

How much electricity will a 25-kW solar system produces?

25kw solar system production

The amount of electricity your solar panels produce depends on many factors, including the direction and angle of your roof. The most important one is how sunny it is where you live – for example, a 25-kW system in India (North, South, East & West Regions) generates 1500 * 25 = 37,500 Units annual. 

Download Monthly & Yearly Generation Report, Source: This generation report generated by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


25kw solar system applications

The purpose of install 25 kW solar system has given below:
  • A 25 kW solar system is adequate for educational institutions, such as schools, colleges, universities, training centers, etc.
  • It can also be installed in Hospitals, Petrol Pumps, Housing Societies, and small size factories/warehouses.


25kw solar system components

The major components of a 25 kW (25, 000 Watt) stand-alone solar system are as: 




Solar Panel

Shark Solar Panel, 440W


Solar Inverter

High Frequency Design Inverter, 5kVA


Solar Battery

150 Ah, 60 Months Warranty


Panel Stand

Loom Solar 4 Panel Stand (440 watts)


Solar Wire

Loom Solar 10 Sq. mm wire 90 mtr pair


Installation Accessories

Accessories ( DCDB & ACDB BOX Connectors/ LA, MC4 Connectors, earthing



25 kW Solar System cost would be 10,00,000 to 25,00,000 depending on technology, type, warranty, and brand. The detailed pricing of this system has given below:



Cost (in Rs.)

Solar Panel

Shark Solar Panel, 530W


Solar Inverter

High Frequency Design Inverter, 5kVA


Solar Battery

150 Ah, 60 Months Warranty


Panel Stand

Loom Solar 4 Panel Stand (440 watts)


Solar Wire

Loom Solar 10 Sq. mm wire 90 mtr pair


Installation Accessories

Accessories ( DCDB & ACDB BOX Connectors/ LA, MC4 Connectors


Installation Cost

Site Survey, Solar Installation Design, Product Lifting, Installation, Commissioning, Load Testing, 1 yrs. Installation warranty, etc. 


Other Necessary Items

House Wiring, Earthing Holes, etc.


Approximate Price


Installation Best Practice

25kw solar system installation process

Step 1: Site Survey

Site survey is an important step as it helps the technician gauge the round whether it is suitable/strong enough to hold the solar system structure. If the roof does not have the required strength, it is advisable not to install the solar system there.

Step 2: Solar System Components

Different components of a 25 kW solar system are solar panels, solar inverter, solar panel stands, solar wires, Installation accessories like nut, bolt, fasteners, etc., net metering and monitoring devices.

Step 3: Installation

Panel Stand, Solar Panel, DCDB/ACDB, Inverter Battery, Earthing Kit, and Grid Connectivity, Load Testing

Step 4: Cleaning & Finishing

After installation is completed, the whole system and area are cleaned for the finishing touch.

Step 5: Customer Feedback, Installation Photographs/videos

After our work is done we encourage customers to share their feedback, with photos and videos as testimonials and future reference. 

Maintenance Tips

25kw solar system amc

Annual Maintenance Cost is post-installation work that requires better performance to meet maximum return on investment. There are many local AMC company/installers that they provide this work. The cost of AMC per year is approx. Rs. 1 per watt. Here are some basic guidelines for large projects, such as:


Step 1: Cleaning Solar Panels, inverter battery

Step 2: Keep inverter battery in an open area

Step 3: Check the water Level of batteries, if you have installed a lead-acid battery

Step 4: Run 50% load of inverter capacity

Step 5: Check Nut Bolts of solar panels and panel stand

Step 6: Run all heavy appliances during the sunny hours (11 AM to 3 PM) only

Step 7: Set SGB (Solar Grid Battery) Profile in Inverter

Step 8: Protect Solar Panels from stone, bricks, very high wind, etc. 

Step 9: Battery water level every 3 months.

Step 10: Solar Panels (15 days by ruler area) / (7 days by road)

Step 11: Battery wire in carbon (3 to 4 months) hot water

Step 12: Check cable tie in 2 yrs.

Step 13: Check solar panel performance

Step 14: Check DCDB Fuse every 3 months

Step 15: Switch off the solar system during the solar panel cleaning 


Step 1: Don’t Run 80% load in morning, evening & night time

Step 2: Don’t change Inverter Setting

Step 3: Don’t change solar panel wiring

Success story

25 KW solar system installation in Bihar full load school and college: 


Loom Solar, leading rooftop solar company in India that has a strong presence in 500 cities across India. We provide a one-stop solar solution for your educational institution, such as school, college, university, training center, etc. We always focus on providing the latest technology products of the solar power system. As you know, we have the world latest technology solar panels (SHARK Bifacial Solar Panel), High-Frequency Design Inverter, Atom battery that is made by Lithium Cells, High Rise Panel Stand that saves your rooftop space, a solar wire that gives you more safety, etc.

Read more at:

Loom Solar applauds Motihari School for adopting renewable energy by deploying 25 KW solar system


Akshay Pathre

Akshay Pathre

Hi, Looking for the solar installation in my society Avg bill of each member is approx. 1200Rs. and we are having 24 members; further society is using lift and water pump along with the evening light. does cost around 5000Rs. monthly. please suggest solution you have for same.
can call on 9773502918

Renu Lal

Renu Lal

Please advise incase one has to get 1000 sq.ft.area covered by solar engaging 4 fans and about 6 tubelights and a few knick knacks would you visit premises and provide services .Best way to contact in Delhi ,if any avl.in south delhi .Kindly email .Thankyou .

Debabrata ghosh

Debabrata ghosh

30hp 3phases motor backup solar system without battery.solar panels “ll be 20%above efficiency

Debabrata ghosh

Debabrata ghosh

Need 30hp 3phase motor back up solar system without battery.solar panel “llbe 20%above efficiency

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