How to connect 24v solar panel to 12v battery?

There are several ways that solar panels can be used. A battery, which is a collection of cells, can store the energy produced by the solar panels to be used later or on the need of the user.

Generally, a 24V solar panel and a 12V battery are paired with each other. But then, the question arises- how to connect a 24V and 12 V battery, and why? Everyone knows that solar energy can be used to generate electricity and thus, saves one from huge electricity bills. Whereas, batteries can store this electricity. This means that the electricity generated by these solar panels can be stored in this battery and used as and when required.

This requires a setup, consisting a 12 V inverter, 12 V battery, and 2 solar panels of 12 V each, that together become 350 W solar system initially. Later, a Shark solar panel of 50v VOC and 11A current is also added. If a load/appliance is also connected with this system, the battery won’t be able to charge itself completely, as the electricity produced is also being used.

Therefore, the best time for this purpose is when no appliance being used or uses less power. Otherwise, the capacity of the solar panels can be increased. In this system, the VOC of our inverter should be more than that of the solar panels combined so it can handle the electricity load and not hamper it.

First, parallelly connect the 24v solar panel to 12v battery through an MP4 connector, followed by the output connected with the inverter.

While using Shark solar panel of 50v VOC and 11A current to connect with an inverter setup of 17-50 V, use of Fusion 4024 MPPT charge controller to keep the inverter unharmed. While, if one using a single inverter battery, Fusion change controller can be used which is an MPPT charge controller that charges 12V battery. This Fusion 4024 MPPT charge controller runs the load, charges the battery, and protects it no change is needed in it and the Shark solar panels parallelly using an MC4 connecter to ensure proper connections.

Next, the circuits of Shark solar panels are connected in series to limit its VOC according to the charge controller. Now, the three panels are parallelly connected with each other through a connecter. The pair of the Shark solar panels is then parallelly connected with the charge controller. Switching on the fusion, then the inverter, the charge controller would now keep charging the battery and also run the appliance.

As soon as the battery is charged, the appliance would start working on the solar energy then produced, and serve your purpose.


Samuel Malindisa

Samuel Malindisa

How much is a installation

Okabo Felix

Okabo Felix

Using the 30A controller 12/24

Okabo Felix

Okabo Felix

Without using Mppt controller can I connect 6 solar pannels in 24V to charge four batteries in parallel

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