Solar Energy for All Families

Solar Installation @20kw 

Hello Friends, My name is Laxmi Kant Pant. I live in Rohini in a society. Here we have to spend more money on electricity bill as well there are so many other maintenance charges also like:- Water bill, Park maintenance, Vehicle Parking maintenance  Lift maintenance etc., We had to spend money on all these maintenance also. Which was very costly for all us, As we all are from middle class family and we live in 2BHK.
To resolve our this problem, We all have chosen a solar system. In our society, there are a total of 40-50 families. We have installed 20kw complete solar solution. Now we are using solar energy to run our parking lights, Lift maintenance, and to gardening in our society parks. After using solar energy we are saving our money to spend on maintenance charges.

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