How to fly a Drone in India?

Mobile phones and cameras are used all over the world for capturing and recording moments. Although, they cannot reach and capture all the areas. This demerit of cameras and mobile phones has bought a new technology in the form of drones. A drone can be used to capture anywhere and everywhere. There are many countries that use drones for online product deliveries.  In India, drones are used for commercial photoshoots, wedding shoots, security, defense, safety, and so on. People who are fond of traveling and photocopy can also buy a drone for their personal use but there are some important things they need to note before buying a drone.

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What is the use of drones?

drone use

A drone is basically used for photography and videography. It is used in the areas of entertainment, corporate functions, weddings, travels, real estate, solar energy industries, etc. for 3- D view. With the help of drones, you can reach and shoot at places where mobile phones and cameras cannot reach.

Is drone legal in India?

Drone fly was not legal in India until a few years back. Now you can fly a drone in India but you need to follow the guidelines issued by the Indian government, the ministry of civil aviation (MoCA), and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). The following are the specified rules and regulations to be followed:


1. Obtain a Unique Identification Number (UIN) from DGCA for operating in controlled airspace and affix it on your RPA

2. Fly only during daylight (after sunrise to before sunset)
3. Fly in good weather: Good weather lets you not only fly your RPA better but also keep track of it in the air.
4. Do stay away from airports and heliports
5. Respect the privacy of people
6. Follow Flying Guidelines


1. Don’t fly a Nano RPA above 50ft (15m) from the ground level
2. Don’t fly a Micro RPA above 200ft (60m) from the ground level
3. Don’t fly RPA more than 400ft (120m) from the ground level
4. Don’t fly RPA near airports and heliports
5. Don’t fly RPA over groups of people, public events, or stadiums full of people without permission
6. Don’t fly RPA over government facilities/military bases or over/ near any no-RPA zones
7. Don’t fly RPA over private property unless permission is given.
8. Don't fly RPA in controlled airspace near airports without filing a flight plan or AAI/ADC permission (at least 24 hours before actual operation).
9. Don’t drop or carry hazardous material
10. Don’t fly RPA under the influence of drugs or alcohol
11. Don’t fly RPA from a moving vehicle, ship, or aircraft

Latest News about Drone Policy

In March 2021, the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) published the UAS Rules, 2021. They were perceived by academia, Startups, end-users and other stakeholders as being restrictive in nature as they involved considerable paperwork, required permissions for every drone flight and very few “free to fly” green zones were available. Based on the feedback, the Government has decided to repeal the UAS Rules, 2021 and replace the same with the liberalised Drone Rules, 2021.

Source: Ministry of Civil Aviation notifies liberalised Drone Rules, 2021

How to get a drone license in India?

digital sky

The license of the drone is provided to the owner, pilot, and manufacturer of the drone. You have to get yourself and your drone registered on Digital Sky ( The registration process asks for information related to the drone. You can get the entire information about the registration process on the digital sky website.

Which is the best drone for commercial use?

best drone in the world

You have to buy a drone according to your budget and the need. As I work in the solar industry and my work includes installation of 3kW, 5kW, 10kW, 15kW, 25kW solar panels at an approximate height of 50 feet (15 meters). It is not possible for me to see the entire solar panel at such a height with the help of a camera or mobile phone. Then I decided to buy a drone and started my research. I spent 30-45 days to find out what is drone, how to fly a drone, what all brands are available in the market, and the total cost of buying a drone, etc. I used the internet to find the answers to all my questions and bought a DJI Mavic Mini 2 along with its craft, remote, battery, bings, USB cable, charger, and a bag

Can we carry drones in flight to India?

can we carry drone in flight in india

Although the rules for carrying a drone in a flight are not clear. You can carry a micro and mini-drone on a flight. The weight of the drone is required to be less than 200 grams and should be dismantled before taking to flight.

Can we bring a drone from Dubai to India?

Yes, you can buy a drone in any other country. But you have to note that although the cost of buying a drone in another country may be less than that of buying in India. You have to pay for customs clearance, documentation, and casting which adds a lot to the cost.

What is the price of a drone?

If you are looking for quality and reliable drones, you can buy drones ranging from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,30,000. There are a wide variety of drones available in the market and the cost of each of them depends upon its features, size, camera quality, applications, technology, etc.  

How to fly a drone?

how to fly a drone

There are certain things to be considered and taken care of while flying a drone. It is very important for you to fly a drone and capture good quality videos and pictures both at the same time. Given below are certain tips that would help you to fly your drone properly.

  1. Don’t fly the drone in narrow areas.
  2. Always have two pilots to operate the drone.
  3. Take care of the flow of wind. Don’t fly the drone during windy days.
  4. When the battery goes down to 40%, land your drone immediately.
  5. Make sure the drone is not far away from your eye. Don’t send it far away from your sight.
  6. Before turning the power on, take off the camera cover to protect the gimble from breaking down. Repairing a gimble can cost you Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 30,000.
  7. While flying a drone, move at a distance of 2 meters behind the drone so that you can keep an eye on its movement.

How high can a drone fly?

Drones have the policy violation feature enabled that allows you to fly them up to the height of 120 meters and cover a distance of 10 KM. It is advisable to use the drone only as per your requirement.

Can I shoot with a drone over my property?

Yes, you can definitely use a drone over your private property but you need to take due care that your actions do not violate someone’s privacy. Breach of others' privacy will be a punishable act and can lead you to problems. Also, you cannot fly your drone over public places like airports, police lines, government buildings, museums, etc.

How to control a drone?

When you are flying a drone and it is not visible to your eyes, you need to instantly check the battery. You can immediately press the ‘Back to Home button to get your drone back at your place. If the battery level goes down to 40%, it is better to get your drone landed instead of continuing it to fly.

How to buy a drone in India?

If you are satisfied with the information about the drone mentioned above and want to buy a drone now, you can purchase it from the offline Indian market. You can also buy it from outside India and get it delivered to your place using the online delivery option.

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