Is 50W Solar Panel Suitable for Home Lighting System?

We have brought for you a mini solar panel which is made of mono perc solar cell and this will brighten your home.

light problem area

We are going to aware you about 50watt solar panel. It has been specially designed for rural areas where people always use lanterns, kerosene lamps, emergency lights to light the house due to the problem of electricity.


school projects

You can also use it at street lights, security camera, outdoor camping and street shops as well as in school science project.


easy to carry

You can carry this solar panel anywhere for charging purpose wherever you want. The solar panel made by unbreakable glass, strong frame, waterproof junction box.

1. Unbreakable Glass 

durable solar panel

Loom Solar 50W Mono PERC Panel is made by 3.2 mm toughened glass that will tolerate up to 120 kg. weight. This solar panel is safe from monkey, cosco cricket ball, hailstorm, and high wind. 

2. Strong Frame

strong frame

Loom Solar 50W Mono PERC Panel is made of 1 mm thicken aluminum frame that will protect solar cells, glass, junction box, and other components. There are 2 no. of mounting holes through which we can mount this solar panels on any panel stand to generate maximum power. This frame is made of aluminum which has light weight.

3. Waterproof Junction Box

Water proof junction box

Loom Solar 50W Mono PERC Panel is made by IP68 junction box that is water proof, rust and dust proof. It has 6 Amps. bypass diode that protects solar cells when short circuits happens due to any reasons. It has two terminals. Positive (+) and Negative (-) where you can connect of the battery connection for charging purpose . 

50W Solar Panel Product Video

People Also Ask:

Q1. How much power does a 50W solar panel produce?


A. Loom Solar 50W Mono Crystalline Panel generates 2.51A & 19.95V at peak hour. 


Q2. How many batteries can a 50Watt solar panel charge?


A. 50W Solar Panel can charge 7Ah small battery during the day time.


Q3. Can I connect solar panel directly to battery?


A. Yes, you can connect. But we recommend a solar charge controller between solar panel and battery. It protects battery overcharging.


The price of loom solar 50watt solar panel is 2499-/ only with home delivery within three days. For more information, you can visit on our website of Loom Solar,




Very good

Aftab Ahmed

Aftab Ahmed

50w solar panel
7 Ah battery
10A charge controller
5v Dc bulb



What amp use solar charger controler in 50w panel?

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