1 KW Off grid solar installation in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Installation of Solar Panel in Mumbai is challenging task due to limited rooftop space and shadow area due to high-rise building across Mumbai. Dr. Vaibhav resident of kalamboli has taken this challenging task and installed his first 1KW solar system in his house.

Loom Solar 1KW installations

He is very excited about solar energy and running all appliances like fans, bulb, tv or refrigerator of home using solar except air-condition. He took almost 1 month to decide which solar product would be beneficial for his requirement. Finally he decided below material to install in his house.


  1. Microtek 1KVA MPPT Solar Inverter, Warranty, 2 years, Qty 1
  2. Luminous 150ah Solar Battery, Warranty 5 years, Qty 2
  3. Loom Solar Panel 340 Watt, Warranty 25 years, Qty 4
  4. + Installations & Transportations supported by Loom Solar Team

Loom Solar 1KW inverter battery installation

He wants to expand this product further as his demand is high and also wants to encourage his friends and relatives to go with loom solar.


Digital Display of Inverter

Digital Display of loom solar inverter


Back Side of Inverter

Loom Solar inverter backside


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Deepak Supal - May 10, 2021

We would like to go for solar panel installation for our society. Please share the information.

Deepak Uphale - April 23, 2021

Dear sir
We need for society pump and back up
Looking forward to your reply

Deepak 9920359080

Wawda - January 31, 2021

I want to implement solar solution for my society
Please call me to discuss forward @ 9967066941

Hemant chiplonkar - October 25, 2020

what was the total cost and was it off line?

suresh - July 21, 2019

Looking for 1kw off-grid solar system in kerala,kollam.Can you give full details

Anil Deshmukh - May 21, 2019

1 kw.solar of greed system price in mumbai.plz cont.no 9823178004

Sreekanth - March 22, 2019

Looking for 1kw off-grid solar system in Bangalore. Can you please the quotation with breakup (details and price of each component and installation, transport charges)
Preferred panels Waaree/ Vikram
Hybrid inverter sukam / Microtek
Battery- Exide 150ah

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