Best Solar Panels in India 2021

Buying Solar panels could be the single best decision that you have made not only environmentally but also financially. The cost and technology improvements are slowly making solar power plants a viable option not only for large institutions but also for individual buyers. Give yourself a pat on the back for this decision. The next big question is to chose the specific brand of solar panel. There are a large number of companies selling solar components and for a novice this could be a very confusing decision to make, since solar entails a huge one time investment. The final decision will depend upon a lot of factors such as your power needs and a reliable solar partner, who would not only be there to help you with your installation needs but also be around to serve its warranty.



Though it is important to study the technical parameters of a solar panel, the foremost step is to study about the fundamental aspects of the solar panel. Installing a solar system involves a huge amount of investment and it is a lifetime decision for your property. It is therefore, important to think on all lines. Metrics such as efficiency, warranty, temperature coefficient and durability will go a long way in deciding the number of panels required and the vendor, which will in turn determine the total capital expenditure.


Let’s check out a few leading solar panel brands in India, on the basis of the above mentioned factors.

#1. Efficiency

higher efficiency solar panels in india


The efficiency of a solar panel is calculated by the amount of sunlight it converts into electricity per unit of area. If a solar panel is more efficient the overall efficiency of the rooftop solar system also increases. Efficiency of panels play a major role in the effective working of the whole solar system and hence prudence must be applied while choosing the same. A more efficient solar panel results in lesser number of panels to be installed and hence will entail less capital outflow.


Tier 1 Chinese players like Trina Solar announced average efficiency of 17.8% for its industrially produced P-type monocrystalline cells while SunPower boasts of achieving new 24.1% solar panel efficiency record.


planning to install solar panel for home and business


How to calculate efficiency of solar panel -


In below image, we have given formula about how can you calculate an efficiency solar module?

 Here, we are taking an example of Loom Solar 350 Watt Mono Panel,

Best solar panels by efficiency

#2. Warranty

Enhanced Performance Warranty of solar panel


Choosing a solar panel based on warranty is important as many companies might not be around to honour their promise later. The solar companies are facing constant challenge in the form of declining prices of products and many of the smaller players are finding it difficult to sustain. Solar panels are a long-term investment and customers want to work with a bankable partners, hence warranty plays an important role in determining who will be the solar panel seller.

Best solar panels by warranty

best solar panel by warranty

#3. Temperature Coefficient

solar panel temperature coefficient


While sunlight is important for the proper functioning of solar panels very high temperatures can lead to degradation. Temperature coefficient is measured as the effect of high temperatures on functioning of solar panels. The lower the temperature coefficient, the better.

Let's know about temperature coefficient,


Standard Temperature - 25 ˚C
If temperature > 25 ˚C, then what will happen,
  • Power will drop,
  • Voltage will drop, and 
  • Current will increase
For example, if you have installed 350 Watt Solar Panel and temperature > 25 ˚C (i.e. If an environmental temperature is 35 ˚C, then solar panel temperature will 45 to 55  ˚C ) , then you will get the following current and voltage
If temperature < 25 ˚C, then what will happen,
  • Power will increase,
  • Voltage will increase, and 
  • Current will decrease
For example, if you have installed 350 Watt Solar Panel and temperature < 25 ˚C (i.e. 15˚C), then you will get the following current and voltage

Best solar panels by temperature coefficient

best solar panel by temperature coefficient

#4. Durability

Outstanding Durability


The durability of a panel is estimated by its strength to endure heavy rains, hailstorms, high winds, excessive pressure, etc. Solar Panels in different countries undergo different stress test under varied environment conditions and external pressure. These panels are then given ratings by rating agencies in order for customers to compare and choose from.

Best solar panels by temperature coefficient

best solar panels by durability

planning to install solar panel for home and business

Some of the Best Selling Solar Panels in 2021

loom solar


Loom solar panel 180 watt / 12 volt mono crystalline for single battery (12V)


Loom solar 180 watt solar panel is made of A grade black silicon anti PID mono cells to generate electricity from sun. The cells are made of superior quality silicon which gives higher efficiency up to 20% and also performs better in low light. It is the latest panels in mono crystalline technology that comes with 5 busbars 36 cells and 25 years performance warranty.


Loom solar panel 350 watt - 24 volt mono crystalline for double batteries (24V)


Loom solar 350 watt solar panel is made of anti PID mono perk cells which gives higher efficiency up to 20%. It is the latest technology solar panel in India that works in low light and even in cloudy weather. The cells inside solar panel is  made of A grade, anti pid cells. It is the best solar panels in mono crystalline technology that comes with 5 busbars and 72 cells and 25 years performance warranty.



Luminous Mono Crystalline Solar Panel 335 Watt - 24 Volt


luminous mono solar panel

Luminous mono crystalline solar panel 335 Watt - 24 Volt is popularly used for installation in home or office. This is best solar panel with highest efficiency up to 19% and maximum wattage. It generates 8 amps current. the dimension of panel is 6.4 feet * 3.2 feet. It comprises of A+ Grade, anti PID polycrystalline cells and comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty and 25 years of performance warranty.


luminous mono panel performance


Microtek Solar Panel 150 Watt - 12 Volt

microtek solar panel

Microtek is a premium brand in the Indian Solar Industry. Microtek’s 150 watt solar panel is the largest selling model for homes. The panels comes with heavy duty anodized aluminum frames, MC4 compatible connectors and a junction box. This multi crystalline solar panel has 12V operating voltage with an output power of 150 watt. It comes with manufacturer warranty of 1 year and performance warranty of 25 years.

microtek poly panel performance


The Best Solar Panels according to customer reviews


solar panel reviews


Needless to say, reviews are very important. But how exactly do they influence purchasing decisions? In fact, according to our observation, 97% of participants said customer reviews factor into their buying decisions. 92% of consumers hesitate to make a purchase when there are no customer reviews, and 94% read reviews when they are available.

For this ranking, we choose our site Loom Solar, the leading solar consumer site for solar panel manufacturers and companies. Their website has thousands of reviews from Indian home and business owners sharing their solar panel installation experience and performance. This ranking provides great insight into which solar panels are meeting and exceeding customer expectations, as well as how they're performing in real-world conditions.


Customer’s choice: The solar panels with the best reviews from solar buyers



         Solar Panel Brands

            Review Score


Loom Solar 180 Watt Mono Panel


 based on

61 reviews


Loom Solar 350 Watt Mono Panel


 based on



Loom Solar 50 Watt Mono Panel


 based on

20 reviews


Luminous 335 Watt Mono Panel


 based on

11 reviews


Microtek 150 Watt Solar Panel


 based on


*Review Score will vary with products page, so always click on reviews to check latest reviews.  
Check Loom Solar Reviews

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