Loom Solar launches Rooftop Awareness campaign #ApneGharHoApniBijli on this new year

The campaign consists of one jingles, and will run in Tier 2 & Tier 3 Cities


Loom Solar, starts a campaign on this new year, “Apne Ghar Ho Apni Bijli”, to make people more aware about the benefits of installing a solar system on your home rooftop and reap the cost advantages.

Jingles Ads 

Everyone wants to own a piece of everything! As we start growing, we are taught this is yours and this is mine. We learn to call a toy our own and with age we start accumulating things and take pride in calling it our own. Be it our first bike, or our own house, own car, or own appliances at home, etc. The list is very long and never ending. A person gets pride and some satisfaction when he calls something his own. When you have a house and all the electrical appliances to call your own, why not own the electricity that is needed to run your household, instead of renting it. We use power and pay for it at the end of every month. But how about getting free power without any need to pay for it? We do use gensets in case of a power cut, but given the high diesel cost and increasing pollution from these gensets, it is time to explore cleaner sources of power. 

Solar power is a technology that is fast replacing traditional fossil fuel-based power. It is not only eco-friendly but has become extremely competitive with the conventional grid supplied power. Coal is the main source of traditional power but given its extensive usage, coal is fast depleting. However, solar power is free, non-polluting and will never get expended. It is present in abundance. So, we at Loom Solar, launches a campaign, “Apne Ghar Ho, Apni Bijli”, to make people more aware about the benefits of installing a solar system on your home rooftop and reap the cost advantages.


Houses equipped with a rooftop solar system have higher demand and value in the western countries. The initial cost of installation is definitely higher when compared to the traditional power system, but this cost gets covered up in 6-7 years’ time and then you get to enjoy free power. That day is not far off in India too. With rising awareness, improving technology and falling cost, every home in our country will also have its own power generation system.


So why wait? The campaign - Apne Ghar Ho Apni Bijli starts this new year. Our aim is to cover 200 districts across India and to convey the message – Apne Ghar Ho Apni Bijli! A solar system comprises of Solar Panel, Mounting Structure, Solar Charge Controller, Solar Inverter, Off Grid Solar System, On Grid Solar System.


However, you get more benefits when you buy directly from us.


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Why with Us?

There are multiple options to shop solar products on Internet and nearest local shops. But, there are top 5 main important factors to shop with us.

1. Expert Guidance

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When you buy any product from Amazon or any other online retailer, you do not get any expert opinion on questions such as what size of a solar system is best suited for your home, which brand is better, which product performs well in low light conditions, etc. Though reviews are present on Amazon, customers generally tend to not trust them. On the other hand, if you buy from established stores like Loom Solar, not only will you get 24*7 assistance to help you with any guidance, but you can also send us your message and we'll get back to you within two business hours. You can also Call or whatsapp us at 8750 77 88 00, email: sales@loomsolar.com or visit our corporate office at Faridabad. In addition, you can also book an expert to pay a visit to your site.

2. Free Service post installation

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Loom Solar uses high quality products for its customers so much so that there is minimal service and maintenance cost involved post installation. Most solar panels that we use are service-free product i.e. they do not require any monitoring as they are very efficient. Even if there is a one off case of defect, Loom Solar guarantees 100% replacement. We use very durable, mobile app driven, inverter solutions which can be easily be tracked online. In case of any issue, we can easily resolve it through remote assistance directly from our Faridabad office.

3. Installation

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Though buying online has made our lives easier, one of the major headaches in this case is when it comes to installation, especially when some technical and electrical installation is involved. A common man is not well versed with electrical connections and will be mixed up without a proper installation guide. This is in stark contrast to when you order from Loom Solar. Engineers pay a visit to your home and swiftly install the whole system without you sweating a Though DIY videos have made our lives easier to some extent, it is still a major issue to get all wirings and placements done correctly.

4. Direct from the company 

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It is sometimes seen that a few customers are not interested in buying a product from dealers or distributors. It is so because there is a lack of commitment and company trust. There is a certain peace of mind when we buy directly from the company. Since the investment involved in a solar system is high, customers generally prefer to buy directly from the company as they feel more confident. They know where to go to in case of any future defect.

5. Competitive Price 

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The products available on Loom Solar have very little price difference when compared to the prices when buying from online retailers. There is hardly a difference of 1%, which is nothing when compared to the numerous benefits that you get when you buy directly from the company. In addition, we also offer discounts from time to time and you can also avail a low cost EMI through Bajaj Finserv.



India suffers from huge land problems as well as increasing commercial and industrial tariffs. The country is targeting to install 40 GW of rooftop solar systems by 2022. Rooftop solar is now much cheaper than grid prices. However, the country misses reaching its full rooftop potential even after several government efforts and incentives. Apne Ghar Ho, Apni Bijli! is Loom Solar’s effort to take the country closer to its target and make it a better place for the future generations to come.

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Shivendra Singh - January 14, 2020

Sir I want to know the full procedure for registering with you to open my company with you. I have my technical degree with knowledge of solar energy and I have a technical team consist 7 person who have full knowledge of installing . Kindly reply me so that i can know the procedure and start my furthur process.

Shailesh Kumar Bhaskar - December 26, 2019

Planing to install 3kw rooftop solar system for my residence. Need guidance in that regard.

AKbarshariff - December 26, 2019

I’m interested install loomsolar produc please Ansewer me thanks

Sahejade S Thakor - December 25, 2019

Dear. My house in 1 ac .2 fan.3 tube .1 fridge .all completely loom panel which is best panel tell me.
And one more is subsidy in loom solar.

Krishnakumar Singh - December 25, 2019

IAM also interested

SATYAJIT MOHANTY - December 16, 2019

Distributorship for northen districts of the Odisha state ( having highlevel technical expertise, 30+ yrs of exprences & stocking space)

Anil Yadav - December 4, 2019

I want your products

vinod singh - November 22, 2019

Is there any instalment facility also?

Pranay Shashikant Patil - November 19, 2019

Subsidy on 5kw system is there

Praveen - November 18, 2019

I want to install 1 kw solar panel in installment, is there any subsidy facility?

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