AC Module vs. Grid-Tied Solar System: Which is Better?

People are confused about why they should buy an AC Module? They are not clear about its advantages and other features. Is this better than traditional grid connected solar system? I would like say - YES, AC Module is better than traditional grid connected solar system. This technology has come a few years ago, but solar industry leaders introduced this product in the utility scale projects where solar installation size starts from 10 kW. The solar industry can be roughly divided into two segments - rooftop solar (residential, commercial & industrial) and utility segment (solar parks). Since 2019, utility segment has been growing very fast and many EPC leading solar companies are working now. The government of India is also promoting and launching many schemes for its growth. However, rooftop solar has not grown at the same pace. 


Almost 92% of India was electrified in 2019. Now, villages also receive electricity for a maximum of 22 hours. In recent news by Bihar Government, it was resolved that prepaid meter will be installed by 15th August 2020. Our Bihar Authorized Partner & BREDA Registered Installer, Resun Power Private Limited located in Biharsharif, Nalanda (Bihar) observed that while he installing 5 kW on-grid solar system in Purnea location, there was no grid power (when he switched on the on-grid system). He enquired from the neighbours to check if electricity was available at their homes. It was available. Upon further thinking, the customer remembered that his electricity credit was ZERO, that’s why grid power was not coming. Immediately, he recharged with Rs. 3000, and tested the grid connected solar system, which was working fine. This is a real story of Bihar location. You can imagine there are 2.60 crores homes in India. They are trying to install solar system on their rooftops, but due to complex solar system and policies they think Solar is TENSION. 


I met one of my client, Mr. Mohd. Aslam in Faridabad, who is planning to install a solar system on his rooftop from last 20 years. He was inspired by Government department buildings, and he decided to go solar. He enquired with multiple solar companies in his location for installation. Though there are many solar installation and manufacturing companies in India, the main issue arises on account of the size of the solar installation. Some of branded solar companies reverted by saying that they would do the installation but require a minimum size of 10 kW. My customer is brand conscious and never approached non-branded solar companies. 


Loom Solar is an innovative solar companies in India that notices actual problems - Why people are not installing grid connected solar system? People do not want to invest money in storage solar system (off grid solar system), because upto 92% locations have electricity available. To resolve this problem, Loom Solar has introduced Solar AC Module that is a substitute of traditional grid connected solar system (On grid solar system). In this blog, we will explain why should choose AC Module and how is it different from the traditional grid connected solar system


Let’s understand one-by-one benefits of AC Module...


Differences between AC Module and On-Grid Solar System

1. Net Metering Provision

net metering provision

A conventional on-grid solar system will not be operational until net metering is approved by the electricity department. Though all of the Indian states now have a net metering policy, it still takes time to get approval. In stark contrast, an AC module does not require any such approval. In case, one installs an AC module, the consumer will be able to run his home appliances on solar power, in just three days of installation.

2. Effect of shadow

Effect of shadow

In case a consumer installs a 3 kW traditional on-grid solar system, he will have nine solar panels on his rooftop. In case, any one of these panels fall under shadow area on account of a water tank, dish TV antenna, tree shadow, etc. the solar panel’s efficiency will fall by approx 40%. Not only the functioning of one of the solar panels which are under the shadow area will be affected, but the overall system (remaining eight panels too) will function at 60% efficiency too. However, in the case of an AC module, the efficiency of the panel which is under the shadow area will only be affected. The remaining eight solar panels will function at their full efficiency level. The reason is that AC modules function independently of each other.

3. Panel level performance monitoring

Panel level performance monitoring

If a customer installs a 3 kW (9 panels), 5 kW (15 panels) or 10 kW (30 panels) on-grid solar system and for any reason the solar power generation from any of the panels reduces, it is absolutely impossible to pinpoint at that particular solar panel. The customer will have to call a solar engineer who will have to check each and every solar panel one by one to find the fault. In sharp contrast, if a customer had an AC module installed instead of the conventional on-grid solar system, he could easily find out the faulty solar panel, with the help of remote monitoring. A customer can monitor the functioning of his solar system either on his mobile, desktop or tablet which comes along an AC module system of size greater than 3 kW

4. Scope of further expansion

Scope of further expansion

In case of a traditional on-grid solar system, the scope of future expansion is nil. For example, a 2 kW solar system will ideally cost Rs. 1,20,000, that’s a huge investment and you would want to upgrade your system sometime in the future. In this system, however, all the components are dependent upon each other. Now if a customer plans to upgrade the system in the future, all the components - solar panels, inverter, wires, MCB, mounting structures, etc. will need to be changed. Even if a customer wants to upgrade his existing 325 W panel (for example) to 350 W, it will still work at 325 W.  An AC module, on the other hand, can work with just one panel itself. One panel is capable of generating 1.75 units every day and costs just Rs. 25,000. In this case, a consumer can keep on adding more panels depending upon his sanction load and space availability.

5. Safety level

Safety level

A high voltage DC current is always flowing through a traditional on-grid system. If you have this system on your rooftop, please keep in mind that there is a 600 V grid installed in your house. Even if there is no grid supply, DC current is always flowing through the system, which is riskier than the AC current flow. However, in the case of an AC module, there is a 240 V AC current flow. If there is no grid supply, there is no current flowing through the wires, thus maintaining the overall safety level in the house.

Super Advantage - Sell Power to the Grid

Sell Power to the Grid

In case of an on-grid system, a customer can sell the excess power generated back to the grid, with the help of a net meter. In such a situation, the current meter needs to be changed into a bi-directional net meter to record the flow of current. The customer has to take prior approval of the nearest electricity department if he intends to do so.


Introduction to Envoy Remote Monitoring Device


enovy remote monitoring device

Envoy is a remote monitoring device for AC module. It is must to have in all systems for having 1 kw capacity. Envoy has multiple benefits for a customer. It provides data on web browser, Mobile app about your home power consumption such as power consumption in your home, power production from solar panels.


**Here is a detailed video to help you with the installation. Watch Video


3 kW AC Module Installation – Residential Home in Nakodar, Jalandhar (Punjab)

3 kW AC Module Installation in Jalandhar, Punjab

Project Summary

loom solar ac module project summary


Loom Solar has installed 3 kW Grid Connected AC Module in Home near Malowal Mahatpur, Nakodar, Jalandhar (Punjab) location. Malowal is remote area where we have installed this system. We were really surprised when we meet to the home owner. He is 85 years old person and he is having enough knowledge of the latest technology solar system. He approached us by our website and we understand his requirements. He wants to buy traditional grid connected solar system, but due to complex net metering procedure in our country, we recommended to install Grid Connected Solar System. Finally, he has bought Loom Solar 3 kW Grid Connected AC Module.


loom solar envoy installation


We really appreciate our G.R. Products Services, Authorized Partner of Hoshiarpur, Punjab location. He has done first AC Module Installation by his team. They do highly quality works, such as fixing mounting structures with panels on top Terries, wiring connection, Earthing, Envoy Installation, etc. They finish this installation almost 3 days. Now, Home Owner wants to install Net Meter. The first priority of our customer was to reduce electricity bill. This is finally fulfill. The second priority is to sell electricity to the government, so they have applied application for Net Meter in electricity department.

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shrikrishna prabhu - July 22, 2019

I have ordered 350 W AC loom make waiting for delivery
Please guide for installation and grid connection, Net meter
In my area this is first connection so, i wand dealership.
Please let me know formalities for dealership

shrikrishna prabhu - July 22, 2019

I have ordered 350 W AC loom make waiting for delivery
Please guide for installation and grid connection, Net meter
In my area this is first connection so, i wand dealership.
Please let me know formalities for dealership

Fazl Mohamed - July 20, 2019

I would like to install solar system for my home in Kerala. Please let me know how it can be done.

Paul Sharman - July 17, 2019

I have a customer who is very interested in using an AC solar panel to their products.
Can you send me a price list plus quantity prices.
Also do you have a distributor in the UK
Paul Sharman

Tavanappa Ca - July 16, 2019

2hp agriculture solar pumping kitt price in Karnataka

Jaswinder Singh - July 8, 2019

I have one question. My house is using 1kw load.I can install 1 kw ac module panel.
but in winter i used only 300 watt load day time.
can it negative effect on my bill as in my meter continously passing reverse flow electricity and showing more unit on my normal meter.

Naseem Ahmad - July 7, 2019

My house is under construction have enough roof top space in Lucknow. I am willing to install 10 kw off grid solar system because any dispute will be very difficult to resolve with the government regarding net metering system.
If I don’t use net metering system then my surplus energy will go waste, it doesn’t make sense to have grid connected system..
System your company is providing is all grid connected means no battery backup even though the cost looks very high.
Your modules are mentioned as AC Module. As I know solar panels produce DC, so how your module actually works.
Could you provide me best suggestions that I can adopt which will be beneficial for me.

Arvind Kumar Tripathi - July 4, 2019

Very well explained blog for a common person who even know least about On Grid Solar System.

Grt job by loom solar keep going with more enovative ideas.

ABHILASH - July 4, 2019

In the long run. The storage will deteriorate and even if a single cell in a battery fails we will have to change the entire storage lineup. So from my 10 years experience in both types, please go for grid tie solar only

parvej hussain - July 3, 2019

Very understanding blog

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