"Hello Friends, Its my Solar Story"

I am Vijay Kumar, I live in Ganur, Haryana. Ganur is a small village where we have to face power cut problems. I feel tired and irritated all day because of the night power cuts. This leaves me completely sleepless, which, in turn, makes me tired the next day and leaves me prone to irritation.

After this long power cut we have to pay high electricity bill Rs. 10 per unit. That was really very frustrated for us.

After my these experience, I take a further step in my life and I choose Solar System for my home.

I got many benefits to install solar system like as below :-

  • Power 24*7 at my home.
  • Electricity Bill less @50%
  • Renewable Energy Source
  • Boost your home’s property value
  • Energy Independence
So, Friends this was my experience with  "MY SOLAR". Now my power is in my hand.
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