Business with Solar Energy

Solar Installation @20kw

My name is Laxmi Kant. I live in U.P. Azamgarh. Right now I am working as dealer of solar which has been changed my life from hectic to simple. As before joining solar project I was an employee in a factory. There were I was getting only 10k-12k salary per month. Which was not satisfactory for me and for my family also. As we are very budgeted family we have very low budget to survive. 

Just before sometime I have joined Solar dealership with one of my friend and I have started work as solar dealer for all of my customers. Now I am installing complete Solar Projects in many big farms like :- Hospitals, Factories, Metro Stations etc. After all these installation I am getting good price. This is like a "Boon" for me and my family.

Now I am very happy to be a  solar dealer as its become easy to survive in costly city.

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